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swindonweb a-zBasement 73 (Formerly The Furnace)
Basement 73 (Formerly The Furnace)Basement 73 (Formerly The Furnace)
Night club and live music venue...

Address: 73 Commercial Road, Swindon, SN1 5NX
Tel: 01793 534238
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Anavae + Disclosure + Support
Basement73 in association with Gig Monkey present four top acts - 26 APR
Chris Helme & Mark Morriss + Support Chris Helme & Mark Morriss + Support
Basement73 are pleased to present two legendary Brit-Pop front men - 19 APR
The Dead Famous + Hold The Fight + Support The Dead Famous + Hold The Fight + Support
Popping Punk, Slam Dunkin' Funk & more at Basement 73 - THIS SATURDAY
Young Kato at The Furnace Young Kato at The Furnace
The Furnace are proud to present a group who are set to make it big! - 25 JAN
Metal + Burlesque Halloween Special
Missy Lectric + Bella Rouge have teamed up with The Furnace to bring you a Metal + Burlesque Halloween special - 27 OCT
Aladdinsane at The Furnace Aladdinsane at The Furnace
Top tribute act bringing the sound & vision of David Bowie to Swindon - 20 OCT
Coming Up at The Furnace Coming Up at The Furnace
Everything you need to know about what's happening at this top live music venue - CLICK FOR MORE...
Swindon Shuffle 2012 Swindon Shuffle 2012
The biggest celebration of unsigned local bands in the area is BACK! - 10-12 AUG
Limehouse Lizzy
The Greatest Hits of Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy.
The Dead Lay Waiting + Fall To The Frontline + Sondura + Orestea
Kirby Promotions, presents a night of mixed Rock Genres - it should be a good one!
Every Saturday. Indie/Rock/Alternative/Old-Skool club night.
MC Lars MC Lars
Post Punk Laptop Rock with support from MC Chris + Akira The Don + Weerd Science..
Discharge with support
Punk + Rock Music.
Home Town Tour 2
Live music.
Live music.
Kids Can't Fly with support
Live music.
Me vs Hero
Teenage Kicks Xmas Special - Part 2
The Nightmare After Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Teenage Kicks Xmas Special - Part 1
Guns or Roses
Deeply Purple
Reckless Love
Dead By Friday?
Sigue Sigue Sputnik in Swindon Sigue Sigue Sputnik in Swindon
rock ní roll band is back and better then ever - WIN TICKETS...
Calm Like A Bomb / Fred Hot Chili Peppers
Descend To Rise
Teenage Kicks!
Young Guns in Swindon Young Guns in Swindon
Rock 'n' Roll band at the The Furnace - WIN TICKETS!...
Zebrahead at the Furnace Zebrahead at the Furnace
Orange County band get crowd going in Swindon...
Alexandra Awaits
Megadeth UK
The Smiths Indeed
Angel Up Front
Live music.
ZEBRAHEAD in Swindon ZEBRAHEAD in Swindon
Playing on 21 March at the Furnace - WIN 2 TICKETS...
Just Supposin'
Teenage Kicks Metal Special!!
Charity Gig for the Prospect Hospice & Swindon Young Carers
Deft Leppard
Hendrix Alive Project
Who Shot Who? with Support
The Screaming Gypsies with Support
Clothes Swap
Escape From Sickness with Support
Status Promotions Presents: Tin Spirits (feat. Dave Gregory ex - XTC)
Santa's Slayers Chritstmas Party
A Nightmare Before Christmas (Part 1)
A Nightmare Before Christmas (Part II)
Gallows + Support
Heart in Hand + Support
Academy of Music & Sound
Yankeeboy Promotions Presents: Ventflow with Support
Abigail Williams + Support
Dressed to Kill
Live Zeppelin
Milk Fiction
Reckless Ones with Support
Teenage Kicks
Local Rock Showcase.
The Plastic Fiction + Support
Rising From Death
Live music.
Metalica UK
Tribute to Metalica.
Peter & The Test Tube Babies + Support
Punk. With support from: Charred Hearts, Paul Carter + 2 Sick Monkeys.
Xeraph + Support
Live music.
Plastic Fiction + I am Bodhi + Elwood + The Debuts
Teenage Kicks!Featuring 4 local up and coming bands...
Young Guns
1000 Planets + The Bolsheviks + Magic Animal
A Beckoning Silence + I Am Bodhi + Before All Time + Diversion
The Acacia Strain + Aborted + Salt the Wound + The Dead Lay Waiting
The Fringe at The Furnace The Fringe at The Furnace
Day three of BBC Radio 1 Fringe...
Gypsy Pistoleros
Who's Next + Suspicions
Aynt Skynard
Sinnerboy Sinnerboy
The Death Of Her Money + Zolom + Everyday Hell + Restless + Plagues
Dropstone + Mortdelamer + Rawshack + Elwood
Ella's Unable + Boy Done Good + Unfortuante Hero + Deadmile
Jeffree Star + Ultraviolet Sound + Strange Little Girl + The Synthetic Season
Romeo Must Die + Cinders Fall + The Dead Lay Waiting + Beyond Chaos
Swindon Academy of Music Showcase
The Argent Dawn with Support
Viatrophy + Heart in Hand + Tides of Virtue
The Divebomb Revolution + No More Sense + CiLiCe + Jupiters First
Saturdays at The Furnace
Lets Zep + Dodging the Bullet
Shadow Law + Tides of Virtue + Torn By Fate + I am the Waterfront + Blackwater Mass
The Dead Lay Waiting + Traitor Born + Chasing Dreams + Ruins of Earth
The Alfonz + Lets Tea Party + The Kulucci March + Candyfist
The Dead Lay Waiting
Live music.
Adam Bomb + The Love Rockets + Eye for an Eye
Fred Hot Chilli Peppers + Shred
The Scarlet Hourglass + Third Day Rising
New Year's Eve Party with Songs of Praise DJs
Swindon Academy of Music and Sound
Battle of the Bands - Heat 2
Battle of the Bands - The Final!
Army of Freshmen + Jeff Like Usual
Battle of the Bands - Heat 1
Bleeding Through + Annotations of an Autopsy + Viatrophy
In the Absence of Light with Support
The Arusha Accord + Evita
Even Nine
Talk in Code + Hip Route + Teabo
Sack Sabbath
Mortdelamer + Support
Live music.
Salt The Wound
See You Next Tuesday
Godamn Superstar
The Swindon Shuffle - The Furnace - part 2
Romeo Must Die + support
Sylosis + The Scarlet Hourglass + As Winter Burns White
The Acacia Strain + Annotations of an Autopsy + Knights of the Abyss + Brutality will Prevail
Bossk + The Arusha Accord + Eta Carinae + Tesseract
Fred Hot Chilli Peppers
Dazed and Confused all-day gig Dazed and Confused all-day gig
Swindon musicians help raise £300 for Prosect Hospice...
Chase Long Beach + Hypo Psycho + Bigtopp
Senser + Talula
Shadow Law + Support
Metal. With support from: The Dead Lay Waiting, Ruins Of Earth, Chapters + With Chaos In Her Wake.
Annotations of an Autopsy + Evita + The Arusha Accord + Skin the Pig
Hells Bells
Hypo Psycho + Robb Blake + A Golden Rule + Flame Grilled Chinchillas
Your Demise + Truth Be Told + Last Witness + Ex Gameover
Postmortem Promises
3 Inches of Blood + 51 Wreckin Crew + Ventflow + The Scarlett Hourglass
Fandangle + Jeff Like Usual + Short Warning
Devil Sold His Soul + The Divebomb Revolution + Jupiters First + Keiro
Ozric Tentacles
The Unforseen + Vanarin
Vice Squad
Robb Blake (ex-Whitmore)
The Beat
4 Ft Fingers
Trigger the Bloodshed + The Boy Will Drown + Blessed by Death
Truth Be Told + More than Life + Set for Life
The Scarlett Hourglass
A Wilhelm Scream
New Year's Eve Party!
Brunel Motorcycle Club present...
Brunel Motorcycle Club present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Brunel Motorcycle Club present...
KJ Promotions present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Brunel Motorcycle Club presents...
Across Five Aprils
Yankeeboy Promotions present...
Hells Bells
The Coloursound Experiment
Sonic Boom Six
A Night of Drum and Bass
DJs at The Furnace
Attica Seasons
The October File
Rats Ruined My Brain
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