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Date added: 10 September 2013

Swindon Wacky Races 

But did four wheels beat two in Swindon Travel Choices rush-hour challenge?
A rush-hour commuter race from North Swindon to the town centre between a car, a cab, a cyclist & a jogger came up with a surprising result today - the taxi won!

The event was put on as part of Travel Choices Month, which runs throughout September and aims to promote a wide range of travel options, including using taxis, car sharing, buses, and car club for short journeys, as well as walking and cycling.

Today's race started at 8:10am at the ASDA Walmart store on Thamesdown Drive with the finish at Swindon Railway Station.

And in an amazing finale the winning taxi driver, Sarah Do for V Cars, only beat Sustrans cyclist Amy Martin by half a second!

After that close finish the car driver arrived in 3rd place, closely followed by the jogger & the bus user in 4th & 5th place respectively.

Clare Fleming of Swindon Travel Choices said: "I feel the event went really well, and it was definitely an interesting look at different ways of commuting in & around Swindon."

To see the full breakdown of times & statistics, please CLICK HERE

Swindon Wacky Races
Tuesday 10 September 2013

Swindon Wacky Races Travel Choices

Swindon Wacky Races Travel Choices

Swindon Wacky Races Travel Choices

Swindon Wacky Races Travel Choices

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