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Date added: 03 October 2014

A Restaurant That Ticks All the Boxes 

EATING OUT: Swindon's new Wagamama's gets a big thumbs up from our mum about town - REVIEW
Eating Out Swindon
Swindon Designer Outlet

As a mum of a hyper three-year-old and a wife of a husband who makes it really known when he doesn’t enjoy his food, it can be a challenge to find a restaurant that ticks all the boxes.

But the new Wagamama in Swindon, which is joined onto the Designer Outlet Village, certainly got a big thumbs up from the Jobanputra family when we visited it last Thursday (2nd Oct).

This renowned pan-asian restaurant had people literally queuing out of both the front and back doors and I can now totally understand why.
The first impression of the staff was how friendly and on the ball they were (and that’s before they knew I was a reviewer for SwindonWeb).
A team of fantastic waiters and waitresses, led by the calm and approachable Adrian, did not let the side down throughout the whole evening.
Wagamamas Swindon
When it came to the food - first up for grub choices was YasaiKatsu Curry for me, Chicken Chilli Men with Udon Noodles for the husband and Mini Cha Han for my daughter. Everything was made fresh and all of these main dishes were packed with flavour.

My dish consisted of sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash and was served with a delicious curry sauce and sticky white rice. It certainly was filling and the panko breadcrumbs made it.

Vikesh’s chicken dish – that was served in a spicy tomato chilli men sauce - was made up with courgettes, red onions, peppers, mushrooms, mangetout and thick udon noodles. There was nothing left on his plate…. a very good sign.

And then we come to the harshest critic…..my three year old daughter Mya.
She was won over by the entertainment that was provided (Wagamama Kids Noodle Doodle) and found the little person’s chopsticks absolutely hilarious. But what about the food you ask?   
Well, she frowned at it, prodded it, tasted it and then promptly informed me that she loved it. (She also was a fan of daddy’s udon noodles but it’s a sore point that she stole his food so we won’t go there.)
Wagamamas Swindon
Side dishes came in the form of Mushroom Onigiri, which were epic little sweet and sourballs of sticky rice and mushroom, and dumplings that went by the name of Pulled Pork Gyoza. The ginger sauce was the highlight of that dish.

At this stage we were all nicely filled up, having also sampled their fresh juices for drinks, but it would have been rude to stop there.

So a deep breath and it was onto dessert….

Every three year old on the planet loves ice cream so Mya was happy with her scoop of vanilla with the added chocolate sauce. (Accompanied by a Cococino that is free to all children!)

My husband had the Chocolate Fudge Cake (which he said felt like he had died and gone to heaven) and I went for the Passion Fruit Cheesecake (I can’t put into words how tasty that was. Just so sweet and creamy and the mere thought of it is making me salivate.)

Overheard were four girls, looking like they were in their mid-twenties, saying: “That was a really decent meal.”

And I have to say that all three of us would agree with them.

Apparently Wagamama has restaurants in 16 countries and over 109 places in the UK so it’s about time that it has landed in Swindon.

This restaurant is just what this town needs. It’s a really tasty, fresh, vibrant eatery that appeals to all ages and is very child friendly.

The fact that it’s right next door to lots of shops is an added (albeit possibly expensive) bonus.
Kelly Jobanputra
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