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NEW: Fitness & Exercise Monthly 

Super-fit Mike Buss gives us the latest on staying fit in Swindon - advice, news, events, clubs, video & more - EVERY MONTH

Fitness & exercise Swindon
Starting this month, Mike Buss will give you all the information you need to get fit, stay healthy and look good in Swindon.
This month we talk to The De Vere Village Hotel in Shaw Ridge, to find out how linking up with Dame Kelly Holmes in this Olympic year aims to help get you fit.
We'll also be covering local health and fitness news, new ways to excercise - for all ages and abilities, sports injury prevention & how to choose the right running shoe for you.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Health Club of the Month
De Vere Village Hotel
Mike visits The De Vere Village Hotel Leisure Club to check out how they intend to help Swindon get fit by linking up with Dame Kelly Holmes.
The Hotel & Leisure Club is at the Shaw Ridge Leisure Complex in West Swindon, with staff who are always very friendly and welcoming.
De Vere Village Swindon Gym
As a member of the De Vere Village Hotel Leisure Club you can not only enjoy access to a fully-equipped state of the art gym with 50 pieces of Techno Gym Equipment, Power Plates, TRX and Kettlebells, but also 61 fitness classes every week, including Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, Aerobics, Spinning and the ever-popular ZUMBA.
Extra benefits and discounts
If the gym is too much and you would rather unwind after a day at the office, why not enjoy the clubs swimming pool, sauna, steam and Jacuzzi? As a member you can take advantage of several exclusive benefits such as discounts on meals at the restaurant and holiday breaks at other Village Hotels.
As well as all this, with the 2012 Olympics set to be held here in the UK, Dame Kelly Holmes has teamed up with the De Vere to launch her fitness programme ‘Perfect Fit’, developed by the double Gold Olympian, as a unique system of exercise for all ages and fitness levels.
Kelly Holmes during a recent visit
to the Swindon De Vere Village Gym
The DeVere also offer a complete Personal Training Package for those of you needing that extra support in reaching your goals fast, with fully qualified industry personal trainers.
Open Weekend - 16 & 17 March
See below for details of the open weekend at De Vere on 16 & 17 March.
And for more information, please visit the De Vere Village Hotel website via the link below.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fitness Professional Interview
Jacqui Macuisten
You've probably heard the name, well here we meet the people in Swindon who can help you get fit and stay healthy.
This month, Mike interviews Swindon personal trainer and fitness expert Jacqui Macuisten.
Jacqui Macuisten, personal trainer Swindon
When did you start in the fitness industry?
Back in 1982, when I was just 18 years old!
What’s the best thing about being a personal trainer?
Showing people how to enjoy exercise and keeping fit.
What’s your favourite exercise and why?
Running cross-country, because I get to feel relaxed and free.
What’s your biggest achievement to date?
My two sons all grown up, who are fit, healthy and happy.
You have developed a fitness sport called Octathalon, what is it all about and can anyone of any level of fitness take part?
Anyone of any level or age can take part, it’s a fitness sport hitting every muscle group in a short, tough & fun session which has now been developed into a sport with national and international championships.
If there was a celebrity you could train, who would it be and why?
Madonna, because she’s a hard worker and wants to improve herself and her attitude in life.
What’s your top tip to getting fit?
Variety in your exercise routine, to keep you interested. Using a multitude of different ways to get fit. Remember 'variety is the spice of life'.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
New Ways To Keep Fit
Octathalon & Zumba Gold
Each month, Mike will explain a new exercice or way to keep fit that's now available in Swindon. And this time, there's quite a contrast!
Octathalon: The Power of 8
In short, this is competitive exercising!
So if you like the idea of getting fit but maybe get a bit bored in the gym this may be for you.
Octathalon is essentially a race over 8 gym exercises done as fast as possible. It's sharp and intense and will get you fit fast. But be warned, it's not for the faint-hearted - it takes real heart, body and soul!
video intro

The concept was brought to the public eye on Dragons Den and since then it's become one of the latest fitness crazes and sports for gyms.
Next Generation Training Sessions + April event
Next Generation now run Group Octathalon Training Sessions each week for anyone to come along and try for themselves. Why not give yourself a great goal and train for the next Swindon Octathalon Championship Event on Saturday 28 April – Open to all levels of fitness, it's a great way to boost your training and reach those goals.
The event in April is for individuals, pairs and teams to compete against each other to find the fittest individual, team and health club in Swindon.
The weekly group fitness sessions run at Next Generation and bring a whole new dimension to your training in the gym and have proven results in boosting your fitness and reaching your goals fast.
For more information go to the Octathalon website via the link below or pop into Next Generation in Swindon.
Zumba Gold
Exercising for baby boomers in Swindon

Zumba Gold in Swindon
You've probably heard of Zumba, the Latino-inspired way to dance yourself fit. Well, now - just like the radio - there's Zumba Gold for those slightly older in years who still want to keep fit and have fun.
Zumba Gold, is class designed for those looking for a lower impact, lower intensity Zumba workout.
It consists of a series of easy-to-follow dance moves, delivered a little slower than the other high-intensity Zumba classes. Zumba Gold is suitable for the active older person, the true beginner and people just not used to exercising who may also have joint problems.
Zumba in Swindon can be contacted by calling: 07775 651 566
For more information, check out their website via the link below.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fit & Healthy
Choosing the right running shoe
Mike catches up with The Big Adventure Store at Basepoint, West Swindon to see how choosing the right shoe for you will help prevent your running injuries.
As an Ultra Marathon Athlete running some 80+ miles per week and taking part in races that cover 100miles often in just 24hrs over tough terrain, Mike has to look after my feet by wearing the right footwear suitable to his running style and needs.
But don’t think you can get away with wearing the incorrect trainers for you just because you do an average of 5-10miles per week.
Wearing the wrong footwear can lead to all sorts of injuries, from shin splints to severe back problems. At The Big Adventure Store, they will get you on a state of the art treadmill with a gait analysis system that uses video and computer analysis to work out precisely what type of runner you are.
The staff at The Big Adventure Store can then prescribe several shoes that look work with your style of running, which you can also trial on the treadmill to ensure you get exactly the right footwear.
The average running shoe will last for approximately 400-500 miles, so be sure to watch the condition of your footwear as you clock up the miles!
For more information on The Big Adventure Store, please visit their website via the link below.

Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Exercise of the Month
The Good Ol' Press-Up
What is a press-up we hear you ask? The next time you go to your local gym, have a good look around and see if anyone is doing the good old press-up anymore - they're not in most gyms!
The majority of gym users are blinded by the sophisticated modern gym equipment nowadays, and the old press up, like England winning the World Cup, has been left in the archives.
Or so it would appear.
The press up is being seen more and more in the older gyms around the UK as the must-do exercise to help build the chest area, and trainers are promoting the benefits to their clients.
And it’s more than an exercise for the chest if done correctly. The primary muscle group is, of course, the chest, then the triceps (back of arms) and then the whole core area and your legs.
So the next time you get down to the gym and look at the chest press machine, turn about and give the good old press up a chance.
For a correct press up:
- Begin with your arms slightly wider than a shoulder's width apart, fingers facing forwards, back straight, and body in a straight line, up on your toes with your feet a few inches apart.
- Look slightly ahead and not at the floor.
Press up with Mike Buss
Press Up with Mike Buss Swindon
- Lower your body to the ground with elbows pointing out – stop when your chest is an inch above the ground.
- Straighten the arms (without locking out the elbows) to return to the start position - this is 1 rep.
Try doing 20 reps per day, and each week try and raise the number by 5-10 reps until you hit 100 reps. After that, time the 100 reps and see if you can beat your record each week.
To make the press up easier, you can modify it by lowering to your knees, do this by getting into a full press up position first (one your toes) then lower to your knees, keeping your shoulders over your arms and complete each rep as above.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fitness Club of the Month
Scrappers Gym
Scrappers Gym is part of Swindon Children's Scrapstore charity which welcomes people of all ages to learn how to get fit and focused.
Learn from the best:
Paul Rogers at Scrappers Gym
Two former professional boxers, Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist Paul Rogers and Andy Brown, two-time British kick boxing champion, run the gym on weekday evenings 7pm - 9pm. 
It costs just £2 per session.
Scrappers Gym is a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for disadvantaged young people who want to work out, put something back into their community, gain a qualification or focus their time and energy into positive activities.
The gym is accessible to all at low cost and gives everyone the chance to get fit and learn new boxing & fitness skills.
For more information, please visit the Scrapstore website via the link below.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fitness Events this Month
What's on in and around Swindon

BPM Active Fitness & Dance Marathon
Saturday 17 March
BPM Active and the Swindon Rotary Group are teaming up for a fitness & dance marathon to help raise money for the End Polio Now & Prospect Hospice charities.

The event will feature over 25 exercise & dance classes to really get your heart pumping and your feet tapping.
BPM Fitness & Dance Marathon Swindon
BPM Fitness & Dance Marathon Swindon
BPM Fitness & Dance Marathon Swindon
BPM Fitness Marathon
.....also this weekend
16 & 17 March
De Vere Village Gym Open Weekend
A chance to discover the facilities at the De Vere Village Gym in West Swindon.

Plus more health & fitness events in March
Spirt Hill Trail 10.5km: 17 March

Mad March Hare: 25 March

Sport Relief Mile: 25 March
Sport Relief Mile Swindon
Go on, go the extra mile for Sport Relief this year in Swindon. Yes, it clashes with Town's big game at Wembley but as it's only a mile, surely we can do both!
Choose between organised miles at Coate Water & in Cricklade.

XNRG Ridgeway 200 (Mountain Bike Race): 31 March
Swindon Octathlon Open Championships: 31 March
About Mike Buss
Mike Buss Fitness Advice Swindon
Mike started his fitness career as an Army Physical Training Instructor in the British Army after joining in 1990, since then he's gone on to earn a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and become a personal trainer.
The highlight of his career was working with the British Paralympics Team before international competitions such as the World Championships.
Since moving back to Swindon, Mike has set up his own Personal Training Business, an online Fitness Magazine and become a professional Endurance Athlete.
Each month he will help you get fit, stay trim and look great with the best advice coming out of the Fitness Industry at the moment.
For more information on Mike Buss, please visit his website via the link below.
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