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Fitness & Exercise - AUGUST 

Super-fit Mike Buss gives us the latest on staying fit in Swindon - advice, news, events, clubs, video & more - EVERY MONTH

Fitness & exercise Swindon
Mike Buss is here to give you all the information you need to get fit, stay healthy and look good in Swindon.
This month he visited the Fit4Less Health Club to find out about keeping fit whilst saving money at the same time.
We'll also be covering local health and fitness news, new ways to excercise - for all ages and abilities, sports injury prevention & the exercise of the month.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Health Club of the Month
Fit4Less Health Club, Eldene
Mike Visits Fit4Less Health Club in Eldene, near Greenbridge, to find out how to make the most of your gym membership, without paying a small fortune.
We all like the look and feel of a fitness club that's got a swimming pool & sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, but if we're totally honest, how many of us actually make use of these facilities?

When you're paying anything up to £100 per month for a gym membership, this seems like a real waste of money to me.
Fit4Less Health Club Swindon
If you've read this and realised you're one of those people paying too much and using too little, then Fit4Less is probably the gym for you.
It has a state of the art gym kitted out with equipment from Life Fitness & Concept II, a large free weights section and there's even personal training available.

Classes in their studio range from Spinning to Zumba, so there's plenty of variety here.
And the best thing about Fit4Less is the price - you can get all of the above for just £19.99 a month!

Fit4Less Swindon Health Club

To find out more, please visit the Fit4Less website via the link below.

Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fitness Professional Interview
Les Slinn
Each month, Mike meets a fitness professional from in and around Swindon. This time we meet Les Slinn, personal trainer & marathon runner.

Les Slinn Fitness & Exercise Swindon
What got you into the fitness industry?

After a 12yr American Football career and then teaching Karate, I became a relief instructor at a local gym, and loved it so took all my fitness exams and then became a PT.

How long have you been a personal trainer?

For over 10yrs now (where’s the time gone!)

What’s the best thing about being a personal trainer?

Best thing about being a trainer is helping others achieve their goals. Nothing is better than helping someone get over a chronic condition, lose weight, or even getting that dream job.

If you could train any celebrity, who would it be?

All my clients are treated like celebrities!

But seriously though, someone like Peter Kay would be good, I would advise on a healthy lifestyle no “Garlic Bread” and we would have fun training together!

If there was one piece of exercise equipment you could take to a desert island what would it be?

I would take a BOSU, as it can be used for cardio, core, leg and upper body strength, all can be done in a small area. Also I could sit on it whilst waiting for a rescue ship!

What’s your top fit tip?

Keep your muscles guessing, vary your fitness routines, it stops boredom and you get better results.

You recently just completed the 2012 London Marathon dressed as a Rhino, why and what for?

I am always challenging myself, they always say do something that scares or tests you. So I decided to run this year`s London Marathon as Rhino Les as I thought it would be tough, demanding, hot, heavy, uncomfortable and it did not disappoint - it was the hardest single marathon I have ever completed.
I did it for two reasons; to raise funds for “Save the Rhino” charity, as these fabulous animals are being needlessly slaughtered by poachers who sell the horn for useless medicines; and because by me doing these challenges it inspires people to take up fitness in any shape or form!

For more information on Les, please visit his website via the link below.
Fitness & Exercise Swindon
New Ways To Keep Fit

Each month, Mike will explain a new exercice or way to keep fit that's now available in Swindon.
BOOTCAMPfit Swindon Fitness & Exercise
BOOTCAMPfit is Swindon’s only military styled fitness class which been running since March this year and is becoming more and more popular.
Bootcamp Fitness Training has become the big fitness craze in the Celeb world over the past year, with the likes of Kerry Katona and more recently Danniella Westbrook (EastEnders) attending Bootcamp sessions & coming away with the body they dreamed of.

Now you can try out what the celebs have been raving about with BOOTCAMPfit in Farringdon Park every Monday & Thursday Evenings from 7pm to 8pm and for only £10 per month.

BOOTCAMPfit Swindon Fitness & Exercise
Sessions are for people of all levels of fitness, male or female with monthly fitness assessments to keep you on track.

This is a very sociable group who are taught fitness training methods that until very recently were only available to the British Army, so now you can find out why we have the best and fittest troops in the world and become fighting fit yourself!

Call 07791 356482 or for more information please visit the website via the link below.

> BOOTCAMPfit - website

Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fit & Healthy
Foot Care
Most sports involve some element of running, be it football, tennis or of course running itself.

With the London Marathon just passed, and the Olympics less than 90 days away, many people are being inspired to pick up running as a way to get fit.
We were always told in the army to look after our feet and our feet would look after us, and that's so true, even for the average person who's interesting in fitness & exercise.
If you are prone to getting blisters whilst running then it's best check you are wearing the correct type of running shoes for you, and somewhere like The Big Adventure Store in West Swindon is the perfect place to go.

Another tip for stopping blisters is to invest in some good socks. I recommend X-Sock (www.x-socks.com, pictured), which you can wear underneath some cheaper ankle socks.

Wearing two pairs of socks stops the shoe rubbing against the foot itself, transferring the friction between the two layers of fabric.

Other methods to prevent blisters
Another way to prevent blisters occurring is to use zinc oxide tape. Taping areas prone to blister prior to running should help stop them from forming.

How to treat

If you do get a blister, I have found over the years the best way to deal with it is to get a sterile sewing needle with some cotton thread, then feed the needle in one side of the blister and out of the other, leaving the thread hanging out both holes in the blister.

This will stop the blister from closing up over night and let air pass through whilst you sleep. In the morning the blister should have dried up.

Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Exercise of the Month
The Sit-Up
We've all done one before, but do we really know what we're doing?

Mike Buss runs us through how do the perfect sit up, including a video for those of us who still can't seem to get it right!

The Basic Sit-Up
1. Always cross your arms across your chest and not behind the back of your neck.

2. Have your knees bent with feet flat on the floor.

3. Imagine you have a tennis ball under your chin so you can’t lower your chin to your chest.

4. Come all the way up, bringing your elbows to your knees, pause, lower your back to the ground and repeat.

Try 20reps per day adding 5reps each time you feel strong enough till you reach 100reps in a session, and do this 3 times per week for best results.
The Basic Sit-Up: Video

Fitness & Exercise Swindon
Fitness Club of the Month
Swindon Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking Swindon Fitness & Exercise
MBS is the only truly independent MTB Club in Wiltshire – It is a non competitive club with the aim to promoting Mountain Biking in and around the Swindon area.
Their website offers a whole host of information from articles to events coming up, training advice, members discounts and much more, so if you want to add a bit of spice to your bicycle training, why not check them out?

About Mike Buss
Mike Buss Fitness Advice Swindon
Mike started his fitness career as an Army Physical Training Instructor in the British Army after joining in 1990, since then he's gone on to earn a degree in Sports & Exercise Science and become a personal trainer.
The highlight of his career was working with the British Paralympics Team before international competitions such as the World Championships.
Since moving back to Swindon, Mike has set up his own Personal Training Business, an online Fitness Magazine and become a professional Endurance Athlete.
Each month he will help you get fit, stay trim and look great with the best advice coming out of the Fitness Industry at the moment.
For more information on Mike Buss, please visit his website via the link below.
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