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Date added: 04 January 2007

Yoga - a SwindonWeb Adventure 

The Yin thing!
with SwindonWeb's Miss Have-a-go-at-anything,
Kirsty Heber-Smith

We've all read that Madonna does it. It's meant to reduce stress and improve flexibility. And it's an exercise for all ages.

But what is trying a yoga class really all about? And, most importantly, does it mean looking like a twit while you're doing it, despite the benefits?

I trotted off to Cannons Health Club to find out.

Now, I see myself as a young, fairly fit person (now that my university days are behind me!) so when it was suggested I went and tried Yoga, I thought to myself, hey, 'maybe I could shine in at least one fitness class!'

How wrong could I be!

As I arrived in the class I seemed to be faced with a room of glowing individuals - and all slightly older than myself.
And it seemed, to their credit, that they all owed it to the power of yoga.

So, immediately deciding my best option was to try and blend in without embarassing myself too much, I carefully placed myself at the back of the class well away from anyone who remotely like an 'expert'.
A task I found almost impossible such was the sight of deep concentration and serious stretching.

And even after finding a suitable space, I was sure the various mirrors spread around the room would expose my ever move and total inability to do anything faintly zen-like.

The panic really set in though when, Jane, our instructor, handed me a belt. Could she tell already that I was going to be a hopeless case, and decided early to put me out of my misery?!

But as the class begun I realised how relaxing and adabtable the moves can be! As a beginner I felt so accepted by the group; feeling the benefits almost straight away!

And after half an hour I really got in to it.

Not only did I physically feel the benefits, but the aura in the room was also just so relaxing.

All the excercises that Jane asked us to perform - either standing, sitting, or lying down - being both easy to follow and understand.

Even after my first lesson, I felt it was incredibly rewarding - and, although I say it myself, I left feeling rather pleased with myself. Yoga, it seems, really gets you like that and I can now see why it's become so popular - and addictive.

"The benefits are numerous," said Jane, "not only can you improve physical fitness, you can benefit from stress control, general well being and greater self-understanding."

"People of all ages can do it, from 19 to 90, with the poses enhancing muscle strength, co-ordination and flexibility I recommend everyone comes and gives it a go!".
I'll definitely vouch for that!
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