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Date added: 05 January 2010

It's coming our way! 

Heavy snow expected to hit Swindon!
Heavy snow and icy roads have been causing chaos across most of the UK - and it now looks like it's coming to Swindon.
Professional Images, UK PR Photo Agency
A weather warning has been announced that tonight Swindon could suffer heavy snow fall - up to 40cm!

With the temperature expected to hover around freezing.
The official Met Office forecast
South West England:

Issued at: 1135 Tue 5 Jan

There is a high risk of an extreme weather event affecting parts of Southern England this evening and overnight. A period of exceptionally heavy snowfall is expected with accumulations of 15-30 cm and perhaps in excess of 40 cm. This is expected to cause widespread disruption to the transport network and could lead to problems with power supplies.
The public are advised to take extreme care and refer to the Highways Agency for further advice on traffic disruption on motorways and trunk roads.
Motorists have been advised to take extreme care on the roads with temperatures set to drop below freezing, bringing with it the threat of black ice.
Keep logging on as we keep you up-to-date with school closure information. 
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