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Date added: 12 March 2010

We've been Googled! 

Google Maps Street View of Swindon goes online

March 2010 will go down in history in Swindon as the date when the worldwide web was officially right up our street.

Google Maps' amazing Street View service aims to feature photographs of all of the world's streets, and now includes Swindon, revealing the town to the rest of the online world in the greatest ever detail.
Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Street life:
Google Maps Street View
of the historic heart of Swindon

SwindonWeb spotted the cars with their telltale roof-mounted cameras as long ago as the summer of 2008, but only now has all of the views of the town's streets been made available to view online.

Although called Street View, the system gives a slightly higher perspective than eye level, so some residents will find the cameras have inadvertently taken shots over their garden fence or wall.
People and drivers may also be able to spot themselves going about town, although faces and number plates have been obscured.
Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Watching them watching us:
a Google Maps Street View car in Swindon in 2008

Some people have argued that the photographs are intrusive, an invasion of privacy and even "a service for burglars", but others see it as the latest technological benefit and another marvel of the digital age.

And even opponents of the site may be forced to agree that the Street Views, which were taken in suitably inviting sunny weather,  show Swindon as attractive and characterful, and capture the true charm of its surrounding villages.

> Google Maps Street View in Swindon (drag the little man in the top left hand corner to the required street on the map)

Google Street Map Gallery

Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Scenic route:
Liddington Hill

Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Getting around:
The Magic Roundabout

Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Who's round?:
Arkell's Brewery and the Kingsdown Inn

Big Brother tour bus comes to Swindon
Village charm:
One of the former homes of author Alfred Williams
at South Marston
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Google Street Map - Swindon
Jolly Roger
The Weighbridge Brewhouse
Chelworth Windows and Conservatories, Swindon, Wiltshire
The Hair Group, Old Town, Swindon
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