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Date added: 21 May 2010

Pee 4 Pants! 

Swindon NHS offer incentive in battle against chlamydia
15-24 year olds in Swindon are being urged to take a chlamydia test - in return for a free pair of limited edition World Cup pants.
Pee 4 pants is, quite literally, the offer being made by the NHS in Swindon to young people as they battle the most common - and potentially most serious - sexually transmitted disease.
Clamydia Swindon
Affecting both men and women, most people who have it develop no symptoms, so without a test you will probably not know anything is wrong.

If left untreated, chlamydia can cause serious health complications including infertility.
Swindon sexual health partnership
The good news is it's never been easier to get tested, and if you do have it, getting treatment is just as easy.
If you are from Swindon and aged 15-24 you can take a FREE test at any screening site, alternatively order a postal kit today.
The Swindon Chlamydia Screening Team can be contacted via the link below.
World Cup Swindon
World Cup Swindon Big screens, booze and Brazilian takeaways - kick-off your World Cup right here...
Pee4pants - Swindon screening details
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