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It's General Election Time! 

They say whichever party wins in Swindon, wins the general election - we look back on results since 1969
For the second time in two years, a General Election has been called - Thursday 08 June 2017.
Both Swindon North and South were considered 'key' marginals for Labour and the Conservatives in the most recent election, 2015 - but the Tories triumphed convincingly with both incumbent MPs re-elected with increased majorities.
Looking back, here's where the people of Swindon have put their cross for the last 40 years.
General Election 2015 Results
Both Conservative MPs re-elected with increased majorities

Swindon stayed blue as both Conservative MPs were voted in with increased majorities.

North Swindon

Justin Tomlinson in North Swindon became the first Conservative MP to be elected in the country when the result was announced just after 1.30am.

He beat Labour's Mark Dempsey in to second by 11,786 votes, with over 50% of the vote.
The Swindon results in full:
North Swindon
Justin Tomlinson Conservative 26,295 50.3
Mark Dempsey
James Faulkner
Poppy Hebden-Leeder Green Party 1,723 3.3
Janet Ellard
Liberal Democrat
Turnout: 64.7%
South Swindon
Robert Buckland
Anne Snelgrove
John Short
Damon John Hooton
Liberal Democrat
Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn
Green Party
Turnout: 66.9%
General Election 2010 Results
Labour era ends as Conservatives triumph in North & South Swindon
Justin Tomlinson at the general election count in Swindon
In an overwelming vote in favour of the Conservatives, both Swindon constituencies voted for new MPs.
Justin Tomlinson won for the Tories in North Swindon with a majority of 7,060.
Robert Buckland defeated Labour's Anne Snelgrove in South Swindon by 3,544 votes.
In North Wiltshire, Conservative MP James Gray held his seat.
The Swindon results in full:
North Swindon
Justin Tomlinson Conservative 22,408 44.6/+5.7
Victor Agarwal
Jane Lock
Liberal Democrat
Stephen Halden
Reg Bates
Bill Hughes Green Party 487 1.0/+1.0
Turnout: 50,295 64.2% +3.4%
South Swindon
Robert Buckland
Anne Snelgrove
Damon Hooton
Liberal Democrat
Robert Tingey
Jennifer Miles
Green Party
Alastair Kirk Christian Party 176 0.4/+0.4
Karsten Evans
Turnout: 47,119 64.9% +5.9%
General Election 2005 Results
Close Call For Labour

The people of Swindon once again elected two Labour MPs to represent them in the Houses of Parliament on 05 May 2005.

Anne Snelgrove & Michael Wills win their Swindon seats at the General Election 2005
Dented but delighted:
Labour candidates Anne Snelgrove
(South Swindon) and Michael Wills
(North Swindon) celebrate
being elected
calyx multimedia
Michael Wills was re-elected for North Swindon, while Anne Snelgrove became the new MP for South Swindon.

Both candidates, however, had their majorities slashed by a reassurgent display by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

In a tense night of counting at the Oasis Leisure Centre, local Tory candidate Justin Tomlinson produced a 6.7% swing in his favour and whittled Michael Wills' 2001 cushion of 8,105 down to just 2,571.
For Anne Snelgrove it was even tighter - with victory coming by only 1,353 votes from Conservative Robert Buckland.

Robert Buckland & Justin Tomlinson Conservative candidates beaten in the General Election 2005
Until next time:
Conservative candidates
Robert Buckland (South Swindon) , left,
and Justin Tomlinson (North Swindon)
discuss just missing out on
toppling Labour
calyx multimedia
Overall Swindon followed the national trend by giving a Labour a shock at the polls that no one really expected, although Tony Blair became their party's only three-time winner with an eventual majority of just under 70 seats - down over 100 from the last election.

One disappointing statistic on the night was the turnout, which was barely up on four years ago.

In North Swindon 61.82% of those eligible had their say (61.15% in 2001).
In South Swindon 60.35% (61.14%). Both were below the national average.

The results in full:
Swindon North 2005
Candidate Party Votes %
Michael Wills
19,612 43.7
Justin Tomlinson
17,041 38.0
Mike Evemy
Liberal Democrats
6,831 15.2
Robert Tingley
998 2.2
Andy Newman Socialist Unity 208 0.5
Ernie Reynolds Independent 195 0.4

Labour Majority: 2571
Turnout: 61.82%
Swing from Labour to Conservative: 6.7%
Swindon South 2005
Candidate Party Votes %
Anne Snelgrove
17,534 40.3
Robert Buckland
16,181 37.2
Sue Stebbings
Liberal Democrats
7,322 16.8
Bill Hughes
Green Party
1,234 2.8
Stephen Halden UKIP 955 2.2
Ernie Reynolds Independent 193 0.4
John Williams Independent 53 0.1
Labour Majority: 1,353
Turnout: 60.35%
Swing from Labour to Conservative: 6.9%

General Election 2001 Results
Landslide for Labour

Swindon voters followed the national trend and re-elected Labour members in both the town's constituencies.

Michael Wills was re-elected as the member of parliament for Swindon North, while Julia Drown won in Swindon South.

The two constituencies recorded identical turnouts of 61.0% - above the national average.

Swindon North 2001
Candidate Party Votes %
Michael Wills
22,371 52.7
Nick Martin
14,266 33.7
David Nation
Liberal Democrats
6,891 11.6
Brian Lloyd
998 1.9
Labour Majority: 8105
Turnout: 61.0%
Swing from Conservative to Labour: 1.6%

Swindon South 2001
Candidate Party Votes %
Julia Drown
22,260 51.3
Simon Coombs
14,919 34.4
Geoff Brewer
Liberal Democrats
5,165 11.9
Vicky Sharp UKIP 713 1.6
Rory Gillard Rock Loony 327 0.8

Labour Majority: 7341
Turnout: 61.0%
Swing from Conservative to Labour: 3.0%
General Election 1997 Results
Swindon swaps blue for red and elects Blair

In a big swing from the Conservatives, both Swindon constituencies voted overwelming for the two Labour candidates as Tony Blair won a landslide across the UK.

Julia Drown & Michael Wills Swindon MPs
New Labour:
Julia Drown and Michael Wills
calyx multimedia
Michael Wills was elected for the first time as the member of parliament for Swindon North, with Julia Drown as the new Labour MP for Swindon South.
The pair joined 416 other Labour MPs in an overall Commons majority for Tony Blair of 179.
The result signalled the end of Simon Coombs, who had been Swindon's Conservative MP since 1983.

Swindon North 1997
Candidate Party Votes %
Michael Wills
24,029 49.8
Guy Opperman
16,341 33.9
Mike Evemy
Liberal Democrats
6,237 12.9
Labour Majority: 7,688
Turnout: 48,270 (73.66%)

Swindon South 1997
Candidate Party Votes %
Julia Drown
23,943 46.8
Simon Coombs
18,298 35.8
Stan Pajak
Liberal Democrats
7,371 14.4
Labour Majority: 5,645
Turnout: 51,162 (72.87%)

Boundary Change 1995

Simon Coombs Swindon MP
Simon Coombs
Swindon MP
1995 saw big changes in the Swindon political map with the constituency being split in two, North Swindon and South Swindon (as above).

This was due to the planned Northern Development in the town that would swell the already overly large constituency of 90,000 (20,000 above the national average) to well over 120,000, and to simplify the constituency borders, which until the boundary change included anomalies such as Highworth still being part of the Devizes constituency.

Swindon 1992
Coombs wins for third time
Candidate Party Votes %
Simon Coombs
31,749 43.3
Jim D'Avila
28,923 39.4
S.R. Gordon
Liberal Democrats
11,737 16.0
Conservative Majority: 2,826
Turnout: 73,405 (81.5%)

Swindon 1987
Swindon stays blue
Candidate Party Votes %
Simon Coombs
29,385 43.8
Ms. J.G. Gordon
24,528 36.6
D.J. Scott
Liberal Democrats
13,114 19.6
Conservative Majority: 4,857
Turnout: 67,024 (77.8%)

Swindon 1983
End of Stoddart Era

Lord Stoddart Swindon
Lord Stoddart
Swindon MP
The narrow 1983 election defeat of the then MP for Swindon, David Stoddart, who had represented the town in the Houses of Parliament since 1970 (and post-defeat elevated to the House of Lords as Lord of Swindon in 1983), saw a sea change in Swindon's political allegiance, which until that time had been seen as a Labour stronghold.
It also saw the start of three consecutive Tory victories by Simon Coombs.
Candidate Party Votes %
Simon Coombs
24,528 39.2
D.L. Stoddart
22,310 36.6
S.R. Gordon
Liberal Democrats
13,743 24.1
Conservative Majority: 1,395
Turnout: 56,933 (74.1%)

Swindon 1979
Swindon defies the country as Thatcher comes to power
Candidate Party Votes %
D.L. Stoddart
25,218 50.19
N Hammond
19,319 38.45
G. Collis
5,709 11.36
Labour Majority: 5,899
Turnout: 65,761 (76.41%)
Short Stay

Interestingly, the man who preceeded Lord Stoddart as MP for Swindon was Conservative, Christopher Ward, who lost the general election on the 18th June 1970 to Stoddart after serving only 231 days as the town's Member of Parliament following his by-election victory on 30th October 1969 (the 13th shortest term in history).
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