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Date added: 16 February 2011

Two Big Fat Mentions! 

Primetime Swindon: first the BRITS then My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding 
It's not often your home town gets mentioned on primetime TV, but on Tuesday night Swindon was very much the the town to talk about!
Not once - but twice! Just try and stay calm if you can!
The first being The BRIT Awards 2011!
Swindon first got its mention after BRITS presenter James Corden saw the dress star-performer Rihanna was wearing to accept her award.
The comedian commented "There she goes. There’s Rihanna. I tell you what, when my cousin Jeanette got married her bridesmaids were wearing that exact dress... cousin Jeanettes wedding... in SWINDON!"
Corden has always had a soft spot for Swindon and there are rumours that his next sitcom will be based in the town.
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
And if that wasn't enough, Swindon was then shown on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Channel 4's massive ratings winner.
Oh, the fame!
The Spot Bar in Old Town being the ideal location for a gypsy hen party.
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