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Date added: 21 March 2012

Budget 2012 

Fags up, higher rate tax down. But does it affect you? And are you that bothered? - WATCH VOX POP
Just minutes after George Osbourne delivered the 2012 Budget we hit the streets of Swindon to find out what people thought.
Budget 2012 Reaction
Swindon town centre
21 March 2012

Budget 2012 - the key points
- 50p tax rate will be reduced to 45p from April 2013
- income tax allowance raised to 9,205 from April 2013; it is currently 7,475 and will go up to 8,105 in April 2012
Cigarettes and alcohol
- cigarettes up 37p per packet from 6pm tonight
- no change to alcohol duty
- no change on fuel duty
- a single tier pension, at a minimum of 140, to be introduced
Business Tax
- corporation tax will be cut to 24% from April 2012, falling to 22% by 2014
Housing market
- stamp duty on properties worth over 2 million to increase to 7% from midnight
Sunday trading
- Sunday trading laws to be relaxed for 8 weekends beginning 22 July
Budget 2012 - more details
  Swindon Voices  
Janet's Puppy School
Cricklade House Hotel
Chelworth Windows and Conservatories, Swindon, Wiltshire
The Hair Group, Old Town, Swindon