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Date added: 29 May 2013

James Bond Would Be Proud! 

Cheeky sign pulls in the drinkers at Goldfinger pub
You've got to laugh at this pub sign outside the Goldfinger in Highworth, Swindon.
The landlord and landlady are now offering a 'Husband Creche' for all the wives and partners shopping at the Tesco's opposite in Newburgh Place.
Not quite original thinking, but good marketing all the same, especially with news that two Highworth pubs & bars - The Rose & Crown & Brooks's Wine Cellar - are closing their doors at the end of this month.
Goldfinger pub Highworth
The only pub called The Goldfinger.... 
The Goldfinger
Connection 006: the Swindon pub with the unique Bond connection
As we all know, James Bond enjoys a drink or two, so in Swindon's unlikely connection with 007 comes the real piece de la resistance - the only pub in the world called The Goldfinger.
A place unfortunately more likely to serve real ale and bar meals than martinis - shaken not stirred.
Opened by Ian Fleming's widow, Ann, in 1971, the 'Goldie' as it's known amongst residents in Highworth where it stands in Newburgh Place, is named after probably the most famous all of the Bond books and films.
The original pub sign used to feature the recognisable silhouette of 007 himself, but after various changes of landlord over the years - and a much-needed total refurbishment in April 2008 (coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Fleming's birth - see link below) - it continues to hold a unique place in pub-naming history and as the odd stop-off for complete Bond buffs.
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