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Date added: 20 January 2014

Salon Success 

Chickkks in Old Town now open and looking forward to 2014
They say timing is everything when it comes to opening your own business - plus the old mantra of location, location, location.
So it would seem that Kim Smith, who has just taken the plunge with her first hair salon after years of working for others, has got it right on both counts.
Chickkks Hair Salon Swindon
"I couldn't be more pleased, really," Kim told us, as she got ready to cut a customer's hair at Chickkks, the brand-new hairdressers  in Old Town.
"We opened in December to take advantage of Christmas and it's continued from there. I'm so pleased with how the salon has turned out after months of work and my customers like too, which is the most important thing.
"Best of all, I'm already getting lots of walk-ins and plenty of people hearing of us by word of mouth.
"Old Town seems to be busy, and everyone has made me feel so very welcome as well. Overall, it's been a great start to 2014!" Kim added.
Chickkks Hair Salon Swindon
Chickkks Hair Salon Swindon
Chickkks Hair Salon Swindon
If you are an experienced hairdresser and you would like to join Chickkks by renting a chair, then Kim would like to hear from you.
Chickkks set to open in Old Town on 10 December - but what's in the logo?
16 November
Chickkks Hair Salon Swindon
There's a new name in hairdressing in Old Town, Swindon - Chickkks.
Set to open next door to the newsagents at the top of Victoria Hill, the salon will be owned and run by Kim Smith, who has been a familiar face cutting, styling & colouring for over 20 years.
"And now it's time to set up on my own," Kim told us.
"Old Town is really turning a corner, I think, and I've always liked working here.
"I'm a real people person and the salon will reflect that. Warm, friendly and personal - and with great hairdressers.
Chairs to rent
Kim Smith, Chickkks Hairdressing Swindon
Kim is now busy completely gutting what was a Polish delicatessan and transforming it into a modern, vibrant salon ready for an opening in time for Christmas.
And she is inviting hairdressers to join her at Chickkks.
"I became fully self-employed 6 years ago and it was an opportunity for me to earn some better money, have control of my work ethics, independancy, flexibility and move up a level. It's been very successful for me and feel it's a great opportunity for hairdressers alike.
"More and more salons are providing a facility and service to hairdressers to be able to start at this level and maybe later on, the next.
"I would love to encourage new and existing hairdressers to join me in this new venture and for it to become an inspiring, friendly and professional team."
Early December opening
"Everything is going to plan so far and, cross fingers, I'll be holding an opening party on 10 December.
"I'll be renting chairs in the salon at 110 per week plus a nail station and I've already had enquiries purely from the sign on the window. Now I have our logo and the builders in, things are really starting to take shape."
And the name - Chickkks?
"It's all about my children," Kim revealed, "Christopher, Harry, Kelly... and the twins I lost, Charlie & Kenya.
"After years of motherhood and devoting my life to them as they grow up I want them to be a part of my new business. They are all supporting me and saying 'go for it, mum', so the name of the salon says it all."
Chickkks Hair Salon
114 Victoria Road
Old Town
Tel: 07887 778899
Or contact Chickkks via the Facebook link below.
Chickkks - Facebook
  Chickkks Hair Salon  
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