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Date added: 06 March 2014

The Biggest Piece of the Jigsaw 

Major change on the way for Fleming Way as part of the £350 million pound regeneration of Swindon town centre
The latest stage of the £350 million pound regeneration of Swindon town centre has been unveiled - the total transformation of Fleming Way.
It will be redesigned and remodelled, with the elevated section of the roadway being lowered to pedestrian level. The existing subway will disappear and the whole area will become a single, shared space, including a ‘linear park’.
Work is due to start in 2016, when Fleming Way will be closed to traffic other than pedestrians, buses and cycles.
Fleming Way Swindon 2020
This illustration above shows the planned result, with an extended town centre where people can move freely and easily between work, retail and social areas and a connection between the business district and the station to the north with the retailers and eating/dining facilities in the heart of the shopping area.

Once the changes to Fleming Way have been completed, a new bus exchange is planned at its western end, with the existing bus station being re-developed as part of the new Kimmerfields central business district.
Fleming Way Swindon
The re-development of Fleming Way and the surrounding area is the latest stage in the Kimmerfields development in Swindon town centre, a programme led by Forward Swindon on behalf of Swindon Borough Council.
Ian Piper, Chief Executive, said: “The town centre is split in two by Fleming Way, making access to shopping and social facilities difficult for workers and visitors. By removing this physical barrier, we will make Swindon town centre a more vibrant and attractive place to work and to visit.”
Connecting business & retail areas

The project is part of a multi-year regeneration programme for the town.
This is the latest stage in that process and aims to connect business and social areas into a single, accessible setting with landscaping and improved amenities.

Garry Perkins, Swindon Borough Council Cabinet Member for Economy, Regeneration and Culture, commented: “Thriving town centres boost the local economy and increase the region’s prosperity. This project will help to realise our vision for Swindon as an attractive place to live and work in today’s 21st century world.”
Swindon Town Centre

Preparatory work is now beginning to enable the re-development of Fleming Way.
Over the next two years, Forward Swindon will also be undertaking a series of face-to-face meetings with businesses and other organisations who are likely to be affected.
The work will be delivered by developers Muse and is being funded through a loan provided by the Swindon and Wiltshire LEP.

Doug Finlay of Muse commented: “Creating an easily accessible, vibrant town centre is a vital part of Swindon’s future prosperity. Joining the two halves of the town centre, while at the same time extending the central business district, will be a major step towards the realisation of that goal."
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