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Date added: 18 August 2016

From Fat & Fed Up To Fighting Fit! 

How one Swindon mum sick of her summer shape changed her life with Slimming World
Mother of two Heidi Fisher, knows all too well how it feels to be fat, fed up and struggling in the summer heat.
But two years on and 5 stone lighter,  the 35-year-old is fighting fit (quite literally!) and happier than ever.
"I knew enough was enough when it was summer and none of my clothes fit me. I was fed up of feeling fat, hot and uncomfortable with my thighs rubbing together at the tops. I was embarrassed of the way I looked and didn't want to get any bigger," Heidi explained.
It was that day, she made the decision to join her local Slimming World group in Swindon in June 2014, shortly after starting her new job at the local pre-school where she constantly struggled getting up and down from the small pre-school chairs.
"I had so much energy inside me that was raring to be let out but my body was suffering from the excess weight I was carrying."
Family love it too

Heidi follows Slimming World's famous food optimising eating plan and still enjoys all of her favorite family meals including her Slimming World Sunday roast with her legendary syn-free roast potatoes.

"My husband and children love the food I cook, which is brilliant because it means I only have to cook one meal for the whole family - and I can still lose weight!"
Heidi explained that her husband's health has also benefited from the healthier meals as he himself has lost 2 stone!

"I love checking out LifelinesOnline, which is the Slimming World members only website for new and inspiring recipes. My favorite is Chicken Tikka masala and enjoy my huge helping with some chips and salad."
Food Optimising allows you to eat as much food as you want from a list of hundreds of Free foods including, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, rice, potatoes and pasta along with Carefully measured healthy extras and Syns.

For Heidi it's not just about the weight she has lost but also the life she has gained - Heidi is not only more confident, no longer suffers from bad knees and because of her improved health and fitness in October 2015 she achieved her 1st degree black belt exam in her martial arts class.
Fighting fit

"I loved my martial arts training but always felt a bit of a fraud for being overweight. I felt fit on the inside but didnt look it on the outside. I vowed to myself that I would not go for my 1st degree until I 'looked' as fit on the outside as I felt on the inside. I could have graded for my 1st degree in Oct 2014 and March 2015.
"On both occasions I knew I didn't yet feel ready. The next panel date was Oct 2015. That was going to be my date! I worked really hard to lose the weight with Slimming World and to get stronger and fitter with my martial arts.
"On the 10th October 2015, I took my 3 hour intense panel grading for my 1st degree and passed!"

"I joined under a different consultant who has since left and moved on to different things. When she left I initially panicked and wondered if I would be as successful under a new consultant. I gave it a long thought and came to the realisation that it wasnt my old consultant that had lost the weight for me, it was me!
"If I wanted to continue to lose the weight then I would. My new consultant Tom has been absolutely fantastic. He is always on hand night or day to give constant support and encouragement. Since he took over our class I have joined his social team, and now weigh in the members each week. This is something I wouldn't have done in the past but since losing the weight I have lost so far I have a new found confidence. I love weighing everyone in and wishing them luck for the week ahead - Thank you Tom!"

Tom Hambidge, 25, who runs two Slimming World groups in the area told us:
"I am so proud to be a consultant and part of a team of people dedicated to helping people lose weight with love, care, support and compassion along with that fabulous food optimising programme. Heidi is absolutely amazing and I'm truley blessed to have such a supportive and kind person help me out on my social team. Her dedication has really paid off and I was truely honoured to award her our groups Woman of the year 2016 award."

Swindon Locations

So if you are thinking of losing a bit of weight now the summer holidays are over, Tom is ready to welcome you in to his groups with open arms.
"Everyone is welcome in to our groups. There is absolutely no judgement here and would love to meet some new people who can be part of our caring and supportive group."
Tom runs groups on Monday nights, 7:30pm at East Wichel Primary School and Thursday nights, 5:30 & 7:30 at Wroughton Club.

For further details, or to signup please call Tom on 07903 524005 or visit the Slimming World website via the link below.
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