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Date added: 09 June 2017

Swindon Stays Conservative 

Both Tory MPs re-elected in North and South but with reduced majorities - FULL RESULTS
For the third time in seven years, Swindon has elected Conservative MPs to represent the town in the Houses of Parliament.
But in a dramatic election night, both results gave an indication of the swing to Labour that almost certainly means a Hung parliament.
Justin Tomlinson remained the MP for Swindon North with an 8,335 majority, down from 11,786 in 2015.
And Robert Buckland narrowly won Swindon South with a reduced majority of 2,464, compared to his winning margin in 2015 of 5,785.
Turnout was up in both constituencies.
Justin Tomlinson MP
Robert Buckland MP
The Swindon North result was announced just after midnight and was the sixth fastest count to be announced after the polls closed at 10pm. Tomlinson was also the first Conservative victory to be announced in the General Election.
Overall, the Conservatives lost 12 seats while Labour gained 29 across the country leaving the Conservatives 8 seats short of an overall majority.
Robert Buckland MP is expected to continue in his role as Solicitor General when a new government line-up is announced.
General Election 2017 Results
The Swindon results in full:
North Swindon
Justin Tomlinson Conservative 29,431 53.6
Mark Dempsey
Liz Webster
Liberal Democrat
Steve Halden
Andy Bentley Green Party 858 1.6
Turnout: 68.5%

South Swindon
Robert Buckland
Sarah Church
Stan Pajak
Liberal Democrat
Martin Costello
Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn
Green Party
Turnout: 70.8%
Pictures by Calyx
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