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Date added: 08 May 2018

Sunny & Shades For The Wroughton Mermaid! 

But still she waits for her pot hole to be fixed...
She's caused quite a stir since first spotted sat in her water-filled pot hole on a bridge near Waitrose in Swindon last month.
And three weeks on, and now basking in the sun, still she sits - hilariously highlighting the delay in fixing one of the banes of motorists that first appeared in February.
Wroughton Mermaid
Wroughton Mermaid
The BBC have even run a story on her plight (see link below) after frustrated local Neville Daytona first placed a dolls head there as a joke after he was fed up with the crater being "barricaded off for months" and had turned to "doll power" to get the hole filled.
Wroughton Mermaid
Wa'ter joke!
The Wroughton Mermaid on the bridge last month
pic. by Neville Daytona

A spokesman from Swindon Borough Council, said: "Our action men and women have repaired the pothole several times but it keeps reappearing due to a problem with the motorway bridge.

"Highways England have agreed to fix the underlying issue."
Only in Swindon!
Wroughton Mermaids - BBC Story
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