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Date added: 24 December 2008

2008 in pictures 

Our favourite snap-shots and videos from the year gone by

Well, what a year 2008 has been!

They say time flies when you're having fun, and we don't know about you but here at SwindonWeb we would certainly vouch for that. 
We've bumped into the likes of Jack Nicholson, Dame Kelly Holmes, Chris Fountain, David Cameron, Jordan, Tony Adams, Tim Westwood, Paul Merson, Razor Ruddock, Spoony and many, many more. 
Picture of the year!
SwindonWeb puckers up to Jack Nicholson 
Jack Nicholsan

Yes, you name it. The list of celebrities (some better known than others) is endless!
Throughout the year, though, there is one thing we have made sure we've done above all else - capture everything on camera and on video and here are our favourites from 2008.
We hope it bings back a few memories...
New board and manager for Swindon Town FC

Olympic Gold Medallist dives in at the Link Centre

Duncan and Splashing in Swindon


Jordan in Swindon

Swindon Town v Cheltenham

Swindon Town v Cheltenham Hasney Aljofree

 Tony Adams s-ports a good cause

Tony Adams in Swindon

Knockout Night for Swindon Supermarine
Tito back in town

Ttio Jackson back in town

Ruddy good night

Razor Ruddock and Paul Merson put on a great show at the De Vere

Cab saves Cameron

Tory leader takes cover from Swindon heckler

Westwood hits Swindon's super club

The Kooks 

The Kooks

Supersize TV 

Sex Factor 

Shayne Ward gives the girls something to scream about! 

 Joy of six for Stanton Swans

Joy of six for Stanton Swans  

Packing a punch

Legendary heavyweights reunite at Swindon sporting dinner 

It's happened again

Swindon Floods - The Aftermath 

Rising to the challenge

Challenge Swindon 2008 a great success 

By Royal appointment

Duke of Kent drops in to launch commemorative ale 

Festival fever!

SwindonWeb road trip to Austria

SwindonWeb road trip to Austria!  

Swindon Mela
Swindon pride
Wroughton Classic Car and Bike Show

Wroughton Classic Car and Bike Show Picture gallery and video 

Scouting for Girls at the Oasis

Scouting For Girls with a faint heart 

Hollyoaks in Swindon

Swindon Youth Festival

 Butlers in the buff

Butlers in the buff

 Spoony in Swindon

Spoony in Swindon!

New chapter for Swindon 
Swindon Half-Marathon

  Picture gallery and video from the weekend's big sporting event

Swindon Packs a Punch

  Swindon Packs a Punch

  Swindon Packs a Punch

Fright-day night with SwindonWeb!

  Fright-day night with SwindonWeb!

Gordan Brown feels heat in Swindon

England v Poland

Dame Kelly packs a punch
Rememberance Sunday

Swindon falls silent


Festive first on the Swindon magic roundabout

Fratellis back in Swindon

Fratellis back in Swindon

Aladdin at the Wyvern Theatre

Aladdin at the Wyvern Theatre

Aladdin at the Wyvern Theatre

Huge thanks to Calyx Multimedia, Kris Talikowski, Jenny Bartlett, Amy Read, Vicki Blatchley, Lynette Thomas and the paparazzi outside the Ritz on 22 January 2008 for all these fantastic pictures!

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