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Date added: 15 October 2008

Flash point 

STORY UPDATE: 22 October 2008 8:45pm
Bye, Bye Speed Cameras
In a unanimous decision, the Cabinet members of Swindon Borough Council have voted to remove speed cameras throughout the town.
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War of words as Council prepare to pull out of camera safety partnership
15 October 2008
Speed Camers Queen's Drive Swindon
End of the road?:
the speed camera in Queen's Drive
Its the big Swindon question.
Are speed cameras effective in improving road safety or should money be spent on alternative measures?
A week ahead of the crucial council meeting at which a decision will be made whether Swindon Borough Council [SBC] will withdraw from the Swindon Safety Camera Partnership, those for and against the idea have been voicing their opinions.
Councillor Peter Greenhalgh, the cabinet member for highways, transport and strategic planning, one who considers the 400,000 currently spent on cameras could be more effectively utilised elsewhere.
Peter Greenhalgh Swindon councillor for highways, transport and strategic planning
Peter Greenhalgh
"Statistics point to only 6% of road accidents involve vehicles exceeding the speed limit and we have a right to question whether the money we spend with the camera partnership is effective in improving road safety," he told SwindonWeb
Opposing that view is Councillor Derique Montaut, Labour's transport spokesman, who believes cameras do work and that a policy to remove them requires further debate.
"God forbid there be a fatalilty if the cameras are removed. The Police and safety groups have all said it would be foolish to do that and I agree with them."
Derique Montaut Swindon councillor
Derek Montaut
What does seem clear is that the debate has definitely polarised opinions but that both parties believe that improved road safety is the paramount objective.
"The last thing anyone wants to see is more accidents on our roads, and that's why we've commissioned a report to look closely on how the Council can improve it," Mr Greenhalgh added.
"Everyone wants to find the correct meaures to keep our community safe," reiterated Mr Montaut.
A final decision on the SBC contribution to the Swindon Safety Camera Partnership will be made on Wednesday 22 October 2008.
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