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Date added: 25 June 2008

Swindon floods: the damning report 

SBC's former Chief Executive produces independent report
Michael Pitt in Swindon
Damning report:
Michael Pitt
Almost 12 months on, and some residents in Swindon are still suffering from the flash floods of last summer.
And today, an independent report commissioned by the government is set to create a real storm.
The Pitt Review, compiled by Swindon Borough Council's former Chief Executive Michael Pitt, outlines the government's pitfalls which left 13 people dead and thousands of Britons homeless.
More than 48,000 homes and 7,000 businesses were flooded, and billions of pounds worth of damage caused last July - with a staggering 5,000 households still in disrepair.
The in-depth report highlights the Thames Valley, Midlands, North-East and Anglian regions as the worst hit.
Floods in Swindon July 2007
Flooding back:
last July's flash floods won't be
forgotten by residents still suffering
Areas of Swindon are still hard-hit by the floods, and many residents are frightened that poor flood defences currently in place will not prevent further flooding - a message which Michael Pitt was keen to highlight.
His report stated: "One year on, many people continue to suffer the long-term disruption that the summer floods of 2007 caused.
"The threat of flooding remains an ever-present danger to individuals and communities in the UK."
Download the full report here.
Mel Turner-Wright
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The Pitt Review - download here
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