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Date added: 06 May 2008

Joy of six for Stanton Swans 

Remember the swans our Milo visited last month at Stanton Park?
Well, there's now eight of them - or two swans and six cygnets to precise.
Stanton swans and signets
Swanning about:
the Stanton Park swans and six cygnets
The proud male and female mutes became parents at the weekend after weeks of nesting and can now been seen gliding across the lake at Stanton Park as one big happy family.
SwindonWeb's Milo popping down today to say hello - without getting too close!
Stanton Park Swans and Milo
All white?:
Milo says hello
Although the male swan seemed slightly more laid back than last week, when he was on 24-hour guard ahead of the big hatch, he soon organised everyone to swim off when Milo came 'a sniffin'.
The cygnets and swans not the only ones enjoying a superb summer's day in Swindon, as our gallery shows.
A summer's day at Stanton Park
Stanton Park Swindon swans and signets
Stanton park Swindon swans and signets
Stanton Park Swindon swans and signets
Stanton Park Swindon swans and signets
Stanton Park Swindon swans and signets
Stanton Park Swindon Swans
Stanton Park Swans and signets Swindon
Stanton Park Swindon Fisherman and Milo
Stanton Park Swindon - Milo
Stanton park Swindon - Milo
Stanton Park Swindon Milo and Fisherman
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