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Date added: 25 April 2008

Cab saves Cameron 

Tory leader takes cover from Swindon heckler
Last week it was a snotty teenager - this week it's an irate Swindonian.
David Cameron receiving the full wrath of one disgruntled local during a visit by the Tory MP to the new Swindon library site today.
David Cameron in Swindon
Tory basher:
David Cameron belts up as a heckler - who blamed the MP for
the state of the homeless in Swindon - is prevented
from getting any closer
The leader of the opposition taking evasive action by hot footing it in to his people carrier, just as the rowdy heckler made a lunge to join him in the front seat.
And Cameron's face said it all as he was sworn at and threatened by the scruffily dressed individual, who blamed the Tory leader for the problems faced by homeless people in Swindon.
"His behaviour was disgraceful," said one onlooker, clearly shocked by the bad language aimed at Cameron.
Antics that first started outside the Ambience Café, when the politician was interrupted by obscenities shouted at him whilst he was holding a conversation with a young mother and child.
David Cameron in Swindon
In conversation:
David Cameron talking in Regent Street today  
Mr Cameron was in Swindon on a whistle stop tour of the West Country, which included visits to Cardiff and Cheltenham.
While here, he took time to meet Conservative prospective parliamentary candidates Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland, as well as local Tory candidates standing in the forthcoming May elections.
"He spoke very positively about what we're doing here in Swindon", said leader of Swindon Borough Council, Rod Bluh.
"He was particularly impressed with the new library project and the regeneration of the town centre."
David Cameron interviewed by Kirsty Heber-Smith
Quick chat:
David Cameron interviewed by
Kirsty Heber-Smith for SwindonWebTV
Cameron, who last visited Swindon in April 2007 alongside Boris Johnson, also indicated that he'd be prepared to return and cut the ribbon for the library's grand opening this September.
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