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Date added: 08 February 2008

Your town, your ideas 

Community is at the heart of Swindon's future
Swindon Strategic Partnership
A new initiative launched today has put community at the centre of Swindon's future development.

The Swindon Strategic Partnership conducted 17 'Big Conversation' roadshows between June and September 2007 to find out exactly what the people of Swindon want for their town, and today saw the unveiling of a Community Strategy for the next 22 years.
Radically improved shopping, cultural, sporting and leisure facilities were found to be the main areas for development.

With many of the regeneration plans really falling in to place, 2008 is set to be a very successful year for Swindon, and there is no doubt that public support is essential for it to work.
Rod Bluh and Tom Sharnock in Swindon
Our future in their hands:
(l-r) Council leader Rod Bluh
with Tom Sharnock from the SSP

Rod Bluh, leader of the Council and Chairman of Swindon's Partnership Board, said: “This is a really important time for Swindon, and it is essential that we have the public working alongside us, and that they realise we are working to make the town a better place for everyone.”
Tom Sharnock, Chairman of the SSP Overview and Monitoring Group, commented: “Looking ahead, local people also have a big part to play in helping to achieve the strong, caring communities desired by so many.

“We look forward to engaging with more community groups and developing stronger relationships with them as we work towards achieving this vision.”
Community Strategy 2008-2030
Magic Roundabout in Swindon
Vision 1:
To make Swindon a
destination of choice
Industry in Swindon
Vision 2:
All Swindon people to benefit
from our growing economy
Countryside in Swindon
Vision 3:
Making Swindon safer
for future generations
Health in Swindon
Vision 4:
A healthy, caring and
supportive community
Education in Swindon
Vision 5:
High aspirations will be 
supported by superb 
education for all ages
Community caring in Swindon
Vision 6:
A place where local people
can have real influence,
and where they feel safe
Mel Turner-Wright
Swindon Borough Council
Swindon Strategic Partnership
  Swindon Borough Council  
  Swindon Strategic Partnership  
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