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Date added: 23 January 2008

Jack Nicholson 

Hollywood star puckers up to Swindon
It's never a dull night when you're out with SwindonWeb - as our Lesley found out in London last night.
SwindonWeb's senior administrator finding herself the fancy of Hollywood star Jack Nicholson no less, when Lesley bumped into the A-lister outside the Ritz Hotel.
Jack Nicholson and Lesley Poulton snogging outside the Ritz Hotel 22 Jan 2008
Lip service - Swindon-style:
our Lesley and Jack Nicholson get to know one another
The Batman star was more than eager to get up close and personal with our girl in a paparazzi scrum that included Mr Nicholson giving Lesley's mother-in-law, Wendy, a smacker on the lips too!
"He may be 70, but he's a great snog," Lesley told us in the office this morning - with no one quite believing her story until these pictures were published on the Daily Mail website!
Jack Nicholson and SwindonWeb's Lesley Poulton
Come here, love!:
Jack Nicholson clearly enjoying himself with a Swindon beauty
Academy Award winner Nicholson, who is in UK to promote his latest film 'The Bucket List', enjoying his embrace while taking a cigarette break from the nearby Wolsey restaurant.
Lesley and Nicholson - who claims to have slept with over 2,000 women - besieged by photographers as they enjoyed their brief tryst.
Go girl!!!
Jack Nicholson kisses Swindon woman in Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror coverage:
the big smacker makes a big splash
Jack Nicholson kisses Swindon woman in the Mail
Daily Mail coverage:
Swindon woman splashed across page 3
Daily Mail link  Daily Mail - Jack Nicholson - full story
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