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Date added: 05 December 2007

Magic at the Computer Museum 

STORY UPDATE: Saturday 08 December 2007

The perfect excuse paid off!

Dozens of adults and children flocked to the Museum of Computing on Saturday to play nostalgic games, with special guest Santa Claus dropping in to play.

All in days work:
Santa takes time out of his
 busy schedule to play with classics
See our gallery below.
Enjoy a day of nostalgic gaming with Santa
05 December 2007 
Nostalgic gaming at the Swindon Computing Museum
Blast from the past:
Some of the games ready to be
played at the Museum of Computing
Santa has already received thousands of letters this year with wishes for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, but there is no denying that the simple games of the past are sadly missed.
But fear not. For the Museum of Computing, based in the University of Bath's campus on Marlowe Avenue, is jam-packed with the nostalgic games and consoles of yesteryear and on Saturday 8th December, it will be open to the general public for a day of fun and games.

So whether your first console was the Pong or the Playstation, it's a great bit of family fun, and a step back in time for game-addicts across the town.

There will also be an opportunity to play against Santa Claus himself, in an event which organisers have aptly named 'Challenge Santa Day'.

Console genius and curator of the museum, Simon Webb, will be on hand to answer any questions, and demonstrate some of our favourite Christmas-themed computer games from 'Holiday Lemmings' on the Sinclair Spectrum, to 'Polar Express' on the Gamecube.
Swindon Museum of Computing curator Simon Webb, with Founder Jeremy Holt
Wii love gaming!:
museum founder, Jeremy Holt (left),
with curator, Simon Webb, playing
one of the more high-tech games

For all those dads and lads who would like nothing more than a break from Christmas shopping, this is a great way to do some good old-fashioned bonding and if you're overcome with the desire for modern technology, there's always the high-tech Nintendo Wii to bring you back to modernity.

With free entry to the event from 94pm, and the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, you'd be mad to miss it!
Mel Turner-Wright
Magic at the Museum - 08/12/2007
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
Magic at the Museum
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