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Date added: 10 September 2007

Whitehouse Bridge claims another victim 

This time a hapless lorry driver from London

Yes, it's happened again!
Another driver's been caught out by Swindon's famous battered bridge.
Star Stuck:
another victim under the Whitehouse Bridge
calyx Multimedia

This time a seven and a half-tonner from London being the latest victim.

The hapless driver caught out just before lunchtime today.

Even an attempt to let down the tyres failing to extricate the lorry from blocking the bridge for well-over two hours. Much to other motorists' amusement and frustration.

The incident the latest in a long line of accidents that have befallen un-wary drivers over the years.
Feeling low:
not even letting the tyres down could get
the driver out of trouble
calyx multimedia

The Whitehouse Bridge, as it's known - 10ft (3.1m) high - having been hit nearly 150 times since 1990 alone.
Van and lorry drivers beware!
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