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Date added: 09 March 2007

Ups and Downs of life in Swindon 

They may only be three inches high but they're certainly causing big problems for motorists and residents in the Cheney Manor area of Swindon.

Calming measure?:
the speed bumps in Pinehurst Road

Speedbumps - the traffic calming tool designed to slow cars and lorries down in Beech Avenue and Pinehurst Road are certainly causing no end of debate amongst the people who live near them - not to mention those who are forced to drive over them.

The big question. Do they actually work? And if they do, at what cost?
So off we went off to investigate - and experience the ups and downs of life on the road when there's sleeping policemen in the way.
Comments so far...

The bumps are awful, they are right in by all the major bus stops, causing traffic to grind to a halt rather than keep traffic flowing,they are wrecking my car and my back, and whilst the traffic has eased up, it is only because other people are seeking alternative routes to Pinehurst Road and Beech Ave - speed cameras would have been much better here. A few speed bumps is fine, but the council have gone silly with the amount they have put in.
Mrs Henson

Easy way to tackle these speed bumps; Don't go to Pinehurst.

I also try and avoid Beech Avenue because of them, which at times is impossible. One or two, yes, OK, but one after another is too many. Vans just straddle them so it doesn't stop them and some cars vear into the middle of the road to reduce the bump, which defeats the object completely. Surely a speed camera or the Police out in force to catch motorists speeding will soon stop the people causing all the problems. Once again, it's the few who ruin it for everyone.

There a brialliant idea, there obviously there for a reason and if they were a problem the residents would be the first to complain.
Marian Smith

the bloke from churchward avenue is right. we've got all sorts shooting down our street avoiding the speedbumps in pinehurst road and its an accident waiting to happen

Whatever the right and wrongs are they do reduce speed. But what I do know is that I've had a really bad back since the council put them in last year and I do all I can to avoid the area for that reason. It doesn't do my car any good at all either. I could ask 'I pay my car taxes - and I've got to pay for a chiropractor?'. Surely there's a better way?
Andy Pride
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