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Date added: 17 March 2009

Bodleian books move to Swindon 

Oxford University library buys land to build new storage facility
The Bodleian Library, Oxford
Original Bodleian storage:
the Radcliffe Camera
room in Oxford
Some of the rarest books in the world are moving to Swindon, it has been announced.
The famous Bodleian library in Oxford have unveiled plans to build a purpose-built storage facility on land to the north of Swindon, where 8 million books and manuscripts will be kept.
The library, which first opened in 1602, is currently growing at a rate of 5,000 books a week and is undergoing a 116 million pound refurbishment.
The new storage warehouse is expected to be completed by the end of next year, with requested books moved daily from Swindon to Oxford for viewing. 
In 2007, a prestigious 120-year-old library has moved to Swindon after 38 years at its previous home at Imperial College, London (see video below).
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