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Summer Sport 2013 

Just because the football season is over it doesn't mean all the sport has come to an end!
If ever there was a season for sport - it has to be summer!
The bright sunshine, the green fields, the long summer nights.... watching football on the telly! (Errr... we forgot there's no Championship or World Cup).

June, July (and the first part of August) are all about golf, tennis, and the cricket.
All sports you can watch on the TV this summer - and then try here in Swindon!

In the swing...
Golf in Swindon 
Martin Sell golf Swindon
In full swing:
there are loads of places to
play golf in Swindon
David Howell has made a million quid out of playing golf, but for less than a tenner you can have a right good go at emulating him.
There are loads of places to play in Swindon; from crazy golf at Coate Water to taking on a real course at places like Wrag Barn and Broome Manor.
Our guide lists them all - and even includes some pro playing tips and hints from local PGA professionals.
Strawberries and cream...
Tennis anyone? 
Tennis in Swindon
the perfect ending to a
summer's tennis match
We love a good game of tennis here at SwindonWeb. It's just a pity it happens to be indoors most of the year.
But not in the summer!

Expect to see us in a short skirt and plimsols at a court near you.
And in true Wimbledon style, we'll be finishing off every match with a bowl of strawberries and cream.
Now that's got to be worth a try.
Wimbledon in Swindon town centre
Thursday 04, Saturday 06 & Sunday 07 July
Wimbledon 2012 in Swindon Town Centre
Fancy watching a spot of tennis during your lunch-break or while shopping - or even having a go?
Then Wharf Green in Swindon town centre is the place to be.
A mini tennis zone complete with a full-size court with umpire’s chair, artificial grass and a picnic area under the Big Screen is being set up during Wimbledon fortnight.
Delta Tennis Centre coaches will also be on hand to provide free tennis coaching, games and competitions.
The sessions will take place on  Thursday 04, Saturday 06 & Sunday 07 July.
The Wimbledon-themed event will also feature stands selling strawberries and cream (and even some Pimms for the grown-ups!), where families are invited to bring along a picnic so they can watch the drama of the tennis championships unfold on the Big Screen.

> Wimbledon in Swindon Town Centre - more info
Swimming in Swindon...
Splashing about
What could be better then a cool pool on a baking hot day in Swindon!

And, with the summer expected to be a scorcher, we've made a list of all the best places to enjoy the water in Swindon!

Europe's biggest water park 
Cotswold Water Park Swindon
Make a splash!:
relax at Cotswold Water Park
For those who haven't noticed, Swindon has one of the biggest water parks in the world right on its doorstep.
And with the temperatures rising nicely, the opportunity to have some fun on the water at Cotswold Water Park (and in it) is surely too good to miss.
This is one of those sports that looks easier than it looks - and probably the most addictive thing we've tried out.
We've had a go and absolutely loved it! If there's one thing this summer you must try, this is it.
Check out our video to see how much you can have!
Swallows and Amazons 
Sailing isn't a rich man's sport, you know. Have a go yourself at tacking and jibbing at the Bowmoor Sailing Club just outside Lechlade.
Yes. That's right. Rowing.
Steven Redgrave and all that. And why not?
Surely guys, there's no better chat up line at Longs Bar: "I'm doing a spot of rowing tomorrow at Cotswold Water Park". Unless, of course, you're a Mr Puny-verse who isn't kidding anyone.
New rowing facilities and club now open.
Waterskiing in Swindon
Wa'ter lot of fun!:
we loved waterskiing
Now you're talking!
A poser's sport if ever there was one - until you fall in flat on your face and come to the surface gargling like a baby.
We've tried it - and can definitely vouch that it's... absolutely brilliant fun!
Just watch the vid if you don't believe it.
On the beach 

Keynes Park Swindon
Life's a beach!:
get down to Keynes Park
Lazing on the golden stuff is an Olympic sport, isn't it?
Forget St Tropez and the Maldives (if you can). Swindon may be land locked but we do a have a blue flag beach just down the road.
Just the place to escape the embarrassment of messing up the wakeboarding a few hundred yards away.
One in the box...
Cricket in Swindon 
What more quintessentially British than the sound of willow on leather?
Just ask that of Swindon cricket star Jon Lewis who could prefer to be in India earning a sizeable sum playing 20-20.
We do like watching it ourselves. Especially at the County Ground from the Grade II listed pavilion.
Saga louts?...
Bowls? No. Never.
But think again.
Bowling (and we're not talking the ten-pin variety here (see 'Rainy Days') is more fun than you think - and an incredibly good game for socialising so they say.
Saddle up...
Horse riding in Swindon
It's ride good fun!:
have a go at horse riding
You don't need to be Sarah Phillips to have a go at riding a horse.
At Wickstead Farm in Highworth they welcome anyone who fancies giving it a go in the saddle. And after a few lessons, who knows?
A hack in the countryside, perhaps, or a roll in the hay?
Sounds like summer fun to us.
On 'yer bike!...
Bike rides in Swindon
Another chance to get saddle sore - but on two wheels this time instead of four legs.
Choose between a casual trip around around the countryside near Swindon - or a full-on mountain biking expedition up White Horse Hill.
Here in the office, we prefer the SwindonWeb tandem. Coming soon to SwindonWebTV!
On the slopes 
Only joking! The nearest to winter sports we have in Swindon is ice-skating. Good for when it rains, though.
On the run...
Swindon Half-Marathon 
Swindon Half Marathon
Get involved!:
start the summer as
you mean to go on
The summer is the perfect time to get in training for the now annual race, which takes place this year on Sunday 13 October 2013.
So grab your trainers, some friends, and register now!
Go on! It's all for a good cause!
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