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‘Hot dogs’ warning 

Remember to look after your pets this summer 
Dog in Summer in Swindon
During the hot summer months dogs can become irritable and this can sometimes lead to them behaving aggressively, warns Swindon Borough Council. 

“We have received a number of complaints about dogs biting people and other dogs, and we believe the hot weather is partly responsible," commented Alison Waine, the council’s environmental protection officer for animals
"Even a beloved family pet can act differently, so I would urge dog owners to take the appropriate steps to ensure their dog is happy in the heat.”

Here are a few hints and tips:
- Don’t let children pester your dog to play games or have hugs
- Ensure there is a quiet, cool place for your dog to retreat to
- Don’t let your dog get overexcited.
- If a game is played, make sure it is a calm game rather than a ‘fetch’ game
- Don’t take your dog to a party or barbeque.
- Crowds, alcohol and hot dogs don’t mix.
- If the dog has to be there, please follow the tips above Heat stroke is also a huge concern in hot weather.
- Signs can be excessive panting, retching, an inability to swallow and collapsing.
- Dogs most at risk are old dogs, puppies, and short-nosed breeds such as boxers.
To prevent heat stroke, please follow these guidelines:
- Ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water at all times
- Walks should be taken during the coolest part of the day (early or late)
- Give your dog water during walks.
- If your dog does show signs of heat stroke, try to cool its temperature by moving the dog to a shaded area, offering water and pouring water over it.
- Get it to a vet immediately if it does not respond to being cooled down.
- Don’t leave your dog in the car.
- Car fans and open windows are not enough to combat rising temperatures.
- Don’t take your dogs on unnecessary car journeys.
- Ensure your dogs are in a cool space in the house.
- Don’t leave your dog in the conservatory.
- Don’t leave your dog outside unless absolutely necessary.
And if it is necessary, make sure there is a shaded space with access to water.
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