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Ten Reasons Why Swindon Is A Cool Place To Be 

Here at SwindonWeb we've never been afraid to stand up for our home town.
We have no hesitation in presenting, in no particular order, our ten top reasons why Swindon is a cool place to be - with the facts to back up our argument. 
1. The Area
People who live in Swindon get the best of both worlds. Not only do we have the convenience of living in a modern town with all its amenities, but we are surrounded by countryside of outstanding beauty, whichever way we look. We are a stone's throw from the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest and, if we choose to go in the opposite direction instead, we soon find ourselves in the Cotswolds. Need we say more?
2. The People
The world's greatest ever adventurer, David Hempleman-Adams (left), is proud to be a Swindonian, but it's not only the town's celebrities who help to put it on the map. The fact that it has a history of attracting newcomers to settle in the town - and is still doing so - is one indication of its appeal. And those newcomers have made Swindon a lively and generally happy mix of races and cultures.
3. The Beer
We think any town's local beer says a lot about the town itself. If your beer is colourful, tasty, full of flavour, traditional but up-to-date and admired nationwide by people in the know, you're on a winner. Visitors to Swindon often make a bee-line for the friendly local pubs and it's hardly surprising. We'll drink to that too!
4. The Football Team
OK, so Swindon Town are not Manchester United - but perhaps it's because they are not one of the big teams that they have such a homely appeal. The club has had its share of glory and its share of despair in the past, but one thing is for sure - it's never dull being a Swindon Town fan. Those fans are some of the best behaved in the world and often some of the most loyal when the chips are down.
5. The History
Few towns have a history as rich as Swindon and to explain that here a Roman site of international importance is to be preserved is to only talk of one facet of our heritage. Swindon is also at the hub of an area of unparalleled ancient history which includes Avebury, Uffington and the Ridgeway, Europe's oldest road. And, of course, the town once produced the world's greatest steam locomotives and was a model for the NHS. Much of that social and industrial history is still visible today.
6. The Culture
In Swindon we have nationally-renowned dance studios, an important art collection and choirs and musicians who are acclaimed nationwide and worldwide. But all this doesn't even begin to take account of the wealth of talent you will find among so-called ordinary people which spans the whole range of cultural activities. They follow in the footsteps of important historical literature figures like Richard Jefferies and Alfred Williams (left).
7. The Architecture
Every town has its share of bad architecture and Swindon is no exception, but there can't be many towns with as many perfect examples spanning the whole spectrum of styles. The restoration of the historic Railway Village and the modern splendour of the Renault building have won prestigious awards and for a perfect example of redesigning existing buildings for new uses, check out the splendid Great Western Designer Outlet Village.
8. The Sport
Sporting facilities in Swindon are among the best you will find anywhere in the country. No wonder the town produces more than its fair share of talented sportspeople and will continue to do so. Swindon, for instance, leads the way in the development of junior ice skaters and ice hockey players in Britain. But - returning to a theme that runs right through this page - it boasts a massive diversity and a strength that runs right through its professional, semi-professional and amateur sporting activities.
9. The Business
At times over the last two or three decades, Swindon has been Europe's fastest-growing town. At this very moment it is arguably Britain's biggest boomtown. Yet again, diversity is probably its greatest asset. Whether you are talking about light and hi-tech industries or heavy industry, Swindon is where quality companies like to be - and where they like to make their European or world headquarters.
10. The Future
Swindon has as bright a future as any other town in Britain. It is currently outlining it's 30 year plan to cover transport, employment and an improvement in local services. Developments in the town centre and in Old Town promise to improve the quality of life still further. So there is every reason to think that it has a great future too.
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