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Get a new style in 2010 

14 ways to change your style in 2010

They say a change is as good as a rest - so change your style!

Even if you weren't so unhappy with the old style, you'll be amazed how much better you feel about yourself after you make a change. For starters, you’ll feel be proud of yourself just for taking the initiative.

And it doesn't have to be a big change. In fact, smaller changes are nearly always better than big ones. Not only are they easier to pull off - because you aren't forcing yourself to jump in at the deep end - but they will be easier for friends and family to accept too, so you're sure to get great feedback to encourage you.

Let's face it, the chances of getting everything about your new image right at the first attempt are slim, but if you make only small changes, it won't feel like so much of a failure if you find it isn't working and you have to revert to the old style.

But the best reason for taking little steps is the one that most people overlook: most of the time, only a little change is needed. Most people are what they are because they feel comfortable like that - and they only need to tweak their image to get it right, rather than go overboard with radical changes.

Even if you think a more radical approach is called for, and maybe a drastic change is necessary after all, you are much more likely to achieve the right result if you do it gradually, one step at a time: start weight management this month, promise yourself a new hairdo next month – that kind of thing.

The changes may involve adding to your wardrobe, minor cosmetic surgery, a commitment to allow yourself to be pampered once a month, or simply a freshening up of your hair style.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

1 Be happier in your skin

If the thought of cosmetic surgery feels you with fear or you think it sounds too drastic, take heart. Modern technology has revolutionised the way annoying and embarrassing skin conditions are treated. Thanks to laser technology, dozens of different skin complaints can be rectified quickly, and with minimum fuss. The Laser Clinic in Swindon lists more than 20 types of condition that laser treatment can relieve, starting with hair and tattoo removal and including treatments for ageing and acne, spots and warts, thread veins, scars, peeling skin and much more. Also, check out the range of treatments available at The Face Clinic. See the SwindonWeb mini guide to find out more about cosmetic surgery.
The Laser Clinic Swindon
The Laser Clinic
Laser hair removal, thread vein treatment, acne treatment, electrolysis. All treatment performed by registered nurses...
Swindon Face Clinic
The Face Clinic
Anti-ageing, botox and wrinkle removal specialist...
> Cosmetic Surgery in Swindon

2 Pamper yourself

The first thing to say about allowing yourself to be pampered is: it’s not just for women. And the second thing to say is: the form the pampering takes is not nearly as important as the fact that you are doing it. Whether you choose massage, skin therapies, alternative remedies or a new way to relax, the greatest benefit comes from the fact that you make time to do it. It’s your time, you deserve it – and just taking the decision to step off the treadmill for a while works wonders. Think of your pampering session as a little holiday from everyday life. For example, try the De-tox Reviver, a three-hour session featuring a stimulating seaweed body peel, Thalasso wrap and facial, at The Treatment Rooms, Shrivenham. For more pampering ideas, see our section on controlling your stress and our 10 Ways to Treat Yourself page.
The Treatment Rooms Swindon
The Treatment Rooms
Offering a wide range of health and beauty treatments and gifts...

3 Call in the beauty experts

When you need a new look, sometimes it’s best to call in the experts. SwindonWeb’s guide to local beauty salons features a page-long list of qualified, talented and knowledgeable professionals who are all ready to use their experience to help you tweak your image. They’ll have ideas you hadn’t thought of, techniques you’ve never heard of – and an objective approach to giving you the lift you need.
> Beauty Salons in Swindon

4 Get a new hairdo

Anybody can benefit from a new hairdo (and yes, fellas, we’re looking at you, too!). SwindonWeb has a special section on hairdressers which features the town’s best established and most talented stylists. Trust them to come up with the perfect antidote to 2009’s tired hairstyle, whether you decide to freshen it a little or go for that startling transformation. The trick is not to go with a pre-conceived idea – and when you are in the chair, let the experts guide you.
> Hairdressers in Swindon

5 Try some temporary tresses

One way to get a fantastic new hairstyle with minimum fuss is to borrow somebody else’s hair! Wigs can bring about a spectacular instant transformation, and hair extensions also provide the change you were looking for, all without the commitment to a permanent new look. Check out our mini guide to hair extensions and wigs, which lists the best of the local experts. For example, Swindon-based Bliss Hairdressing are specialists in hair extensions, which, in their own words, let you “be who you want to be”. For clip-ins human hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs, try Cosmic Colours in Wood Street.
Bliss Hairdressing Swindon
Bliss Hairdressing
Specialists in Racoon 100% human hair extensions, wefts and clip on pieces...

Cosmic Colours Swindon
Cosmic Colours
Wigs, hairpieces, hair enhancements and extensions. Manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements and more...

6 Get a new smile

Nothing makes a better impression than a lovely smile – and that’s what 2010 could have in store for you. Swindon’s Seven Fields Dental & Health Centre offers a tooth whitening service, as well as many more cosmetic treatments.
Seven Fields Dental & Health Centre Swindon
Seven Fields Dental & Health Centre
Wiltshire's premier centre for dental care, health and wellbeing incl. physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, shiatsu, a podiatrist and massage...
> Dentists in Swindon

7 Let there be light

Here’s a new way to enhance your skin and generally give yourself a rapid lift: Rejuvalight. It’s a relaxing treatment that uses the power of light to enhance the skin at a cellular level – either as part of a traditional facial or as a facial in its own right. Check out The Treatment Rooms at Shrivenham for more details.
The Treatment Rooms Swindon
The Treatment Rooms
Offering a wide range of health and beauty treatments and gifts...

8 Get a nice tan

We all know how good a nice tan makes you feel – but you get two pick-me-ups for the price of one. You only need to listen to the positive feedback you get from other people to understand the instant impression your new look makes, and how it can change other people’s mood too. In the cold, dark winter months, especially, you’ll take a little ray of summer with you, wherever you go. However, tanning is an area that requires expert guidance, which is why we have compiled a guide to the best tanning services offered by the town’s top professionals.
> Tanning in Swindon

9 Weight for it…

OK, let’s be honest. For many people, the only thing that will allow them to feel great about themselves is to shed a few of those extra pounds they’ve been carrying around. It’s generally the first thing that crosses their mind when they asked what they want to change about themselves. Well, you can start by not talking about diet, slimming or weight loss. They all carry negative connotations and possibly bad memories of failed attempts to lose weight before. So let’s give it a new name: weight management. You can help manage your weight by eating more healthily or taking more exercise – so check out out our guides to doing that – and there are also two new ideas, which might just have the solution for you. The Hypoxi Therapy Centre offers a brand new approach to weight management. Made famous by Cheryl Cole, it is based on a hi-tech machine that effectively recreates the conditions of training at altitude, which is much more efficient at removing surplus fat. Under the supervision of qualified experts, you will be able to target stubborn areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.
Hypoxi Therapy Swindon
Hypoxi Therapy Centre
A revolutionary and proven way to burn fat and lose inches...

10 Strike a rich vein

Now is the time to sort out those vein problems, once and for all – and there is good news. Varicose and thread veins, as well as other unsightly conditions can now be quickly and effectively eliminated, thanks to a range of modern treatments administered by The Vein Clinic. They have four centres in our area, all with a promise to tailoring care and treatment to individuals’ needs.
The Vein Clinic Swindon
The Vein Clinic
Varicose and thread vein removal specialists...

11 Spice it up

All right, this tip is not rocket science – but it’s such a simple solution that most people overlook it when they want to brighten up their lives and their relationships. In a word: lingerie. Nobody’s quite sure whether it’s God’s gift to women (for making them feel like a million dollars) or God’s gift to men (for obvious reasons), but we’ve prepared a mini guide to lingerie retailers who will help you spice up your life. We’re not quite sure whether the guide is there to help women buy themselves some lingerie or help men to choose something for them (or even for both to shop together), but we're certain the end result will be more or less the same!
> Lingerie Retailers in Swindon

12 Nail those nails

A manicure is probably the cheapest, quickest and easiest way for a woman to give her image a little boost. Sometimes, it’s nice to sort out your nails just because you deserve a pick-me-up, so you shouldn’t wait for that special occasion before your next visit. That way, it’s about you, not the occasion. We have prepared a guide to nailcare services in Swindon which lists the professionals – some specialising, some offering it as part of a wider range of beauty treatments.
> Nailcare Services in Swindon

13 Rethink tattoos

They are not for everyone, but if the mention of tattoos makes you think of the anchors on Popeye’s arms, think again. The whole philosophy behind tattoos has changed over the years, so it’s no longer about big designs that make a bold impression and may be designed to shock, but rather more about little designs that are subtle, discreet and anonymous (these days you are much more likely to see butterflies than lovers’ names emblazoned across big red hearts). Small they may be, but modern tattoos can make a big statement about your intention to change your image, and could be the first step to creating the new you. Check out our classified section for links to tattoo studios in Swindon who will offer any guidance you need.
> Tattoo Studios in Swindon

14 Pig out!

Once you’ve created the new you, you may be looking for a new person to share it with! Well, here’s the solution – and a fun one, too. Pig or Poke is an unconventional online dating service that takes what can be a stressful and frustrating subject and gives it a refreshing, light-hearted, modern twist, thanks to its wacky pig theme. Think of it as a new style one minute and a new sty the next! It might just do the trick for you in 2010 – or, as the site itself puts it: you could be bringing home the bacon. Pig or Poke is based in Swindon, which probably accounts for the large number of local people already registered.

Pig or Poke Swindon
Pig or Poke
Online dating fun...

> Dating Agencies in Swindon

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