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Rainy days - it's bound to happen 2008! 

What to do when the sun ain't shinin'!
Swindon Summer 2008
That's the problem with the good old British climate - it does tend to rain when it shouldn't.

Just when you've planned the whole day, got your new sun specs on and dared to expose your legs in a new pair of shorts (that did look great in the shop), you see the dark clouds looming.

So what do you do? We recommend making the most of things and trying some of the following...
Popcorn time!
Fancy a film?
Swindon cinema guide
Always a good banker, this. And with SwindonWeb's Oscar-winning film guide to rely on, you're bound to find something to keep you occupied for a couple of hours.

Get in lane
A great solution for rainy days. Great for all the family too.
Bowling in Swindon
Click on the link for the latest bowling offers...
Tenpin Bowling - website

Visit a museum or gallery
A spot of culture

STEAM Swindon exhibition
Take a tour:
the 'Changing Trains'
exhibition at STEAM
Far more exciting than you think, especially with the new exhibits on offer at the Science Museum at Wroughton and STEAM.
We especially like the look of a new exhibition at STEAM called 'Changing Trains - The Journey from Steam to Diesel'

A fascinating new collection of art and artefacts which explores the changing face of Britainís railways as steam locomotives were replaced by diesel motive power. 
This exhibition culminates in the arrival of Evening Star (the last steam locomotive to be made in Swindon) in August 2008.
Science Museum, Wroughton
Home to planes, boats, space rockets and loads more...
Science Museum - website
Take a dip
In the pool 

While it's tipping down outside, you may as well take the plunge and get wet in a pool somewhere.
And where better than the Oasis? Or the new covered pool in Highworth, which opens this summer.
Get Fit

Beach body 

We may not all have a body like Heidi Klum or Justin Timberlake, but while it's raining you may as well do your best to get fit.
Swindon has a whole plethora of fitness clubs and gyms to use, and all the deatils are available via the link below.
Clubs like David Lloyd and Cannons also have pools, saunas and jacuzzis as well - plus supervised organised activities for the kids. So what better way to enjoy the day?
Get creative!

Painting and decorating 
Children, love 'em, can be a nightmare when it's wet. Apart from getting out the monopoly and waiting for the fights to start, or seeing what's on the TV, a fun day painting, candle decorating or card making could be the answer.
Master Plaster Casters 
Pop in and paint...

Go shopping

Spend 'til the sun comes out 
With the biggest designer outlet centre in Europe right in the middle of town, it's no wonder the place is packed when it starts raining.

As in previous years, the Swindon Designer Outlet will be organising various free children's activities throughout the summer.
See their website for full details.
Theatre trip?
Take cover at the Wyvern 
Last year we didn't have a Wyvern Theatre at all! So it's no wonder they're making a special effort this summer to put on a packed programme of entertainment. Many events with matinee performances.
One of major highlights being the Swindon Comedy Festival from 28 June to 05 July.
Lounging about
Sit back and surf  
And we don't mean at home on the settee in front of the TV with a pizza to hand (tempting as that sounds!).
With the marvellous invention of mobile broadband, it's now possible to surf the internet almost anywhere - but you still can't beat a nice coffee shop or bar for whiling away the time on the world wide web.
Places likes Longs, Mackenzies and The Kings also have wi-fi, so grab a latte or a lager and watch the world go by.
Heritage Open Day: Swindon
Heritage Open Day: Swindon The chance to take a look inside two of Swindon's most interesting buildings...
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