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Date added: 17 December 2011

Festive Knockout! 

Boxing day coming early at MECA Swindon, writes Mike Buss
The gloves were on last night in Swindon courtesy of Neilson Promotions.
MECA played host to eleven white collar fights at the Christmas 2011 Boxing Bash, with several of the fights showing some explosive rounds including two TKOs and two knock down knockouts. 
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
Round 1 - Neil Pickering v Aiden Hills
First up to warm the crowd up was Neil Pickering v Aiden Hills, which went the full three rounds with some exciting fast boxing before Pickering came out on tops on points.
Round 2 - Robbie Burton v Luke Richards
The second fight saw Robbie Burton matched up with Luke Richards sponsored by Crunch Media, a fight that got rather scrappy, with Luke showing an attitude that got up many of the crowds backs up with his constant complaining to the ref, local boxing legend Ricki Porter. In the end it was a close encounter that went in favour of Richards, although I have to say I scored in favour of Burton.
Round 3 - Mark Johnson v Marcin Janecki
Fight three saw a pair of hard hitters pounding away, but part way through the third round the referee had to step in and stop the fight with a standing count. Mark Johnson was just getting too many hits to the head and body and showing no fight left in him against the fast hitting Marcin Janecki who had a good number of fans in the crowd.
Round 4 - Lee Penny v Jamie Canavan
Another hard-fought contest with Penny on top on points.
Round 5 - Sean Curran v Richard Loveday
Loveday won a decisive fight on points leaving Sean nursing two standing counts.
Round 6 - Paul Fletcher v Nial Howard
The only draw of the night according to the judges after a great match-up saw Fletcher and Howard trade blows.
Round 7 - Paul Payne v Gav 'Skarface' Towler-Wilson
A fight that pitched two best mates together in a flurry of good head and body shots before Payne recorded a TKO.
Round 8 - Dan Hart v Nick Tucket
The first knockout of the night in a furious fight from both boxers, with Tucket knocking Hart out inside of the first round. Paramedics were swiftly in the ring to look after the out-cold fighter, who I'm sure was out before he hit the canvas after very fast hit to the head that Dan just didn't see coming.
Round 9 - Jack Bonner v John Jennings
By far the best fight so far, which saw some serious boxing and body blows from both fighters before Bonner declared the winner after a furious final round.  
Round 10 - Arfan Khan v Luke Boswell
The penultimate fight of the night saw possibly the bravest fight of the night by Arfan Khan who went toe-to-toe with Luke Boswell in every round before losing on points.
From the end of the first round, it was Boswell who dominated, with Khan, to his credit - and cheered on by an enthusiastic group of supporters - taking head shot after head shot as if he was just a sponge, feeling nothing. The promoters couldn't have planned a better warm up for the main event.
Round 11 - the main event
Dave 'Bam Bam' Gregory v Luke Martin
And finally, the bout we'd all been waiting for - and it didn't disappoint. It saw our final knockout and this really was a knockout!
The popular Dave 'Bam Bam' Gregory matched up with Luke Martin to produce two hard heavyweight hitters testing each other out through the first round with neither committing to going in with the killer punch.
But straight into second round Martin found the space to deliver a right-hand that to sent Gregory to the canvas like a ragdoll.
The medics once again were straight in to the ring, and after sometime Gregory was able to sit up but in need of oxygen.
It was an explosive end to what was a fantastic night of White Collar Boxing enjoyed by a packed crowd in an arena ideal for the occasion.
NEILSON Promotions Christmas boxing event was a charity event supported by many Swindon businesses including, Neilson Contractors, TRAK Employment solutions, M4 Van Hire, Smiths Roofing and many others.
More White Collar Boxing
NEILSON Promotions have announced they will be putting on many more White-collar boxing events at MECA throughout 2012 for you to look forward to.
If you missed this event I would say donít miss the next one!
Mike Buss | Event Reporter
White Collar Boxing
Swindon MECA
16 December 2011
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
White Collar Boxing Swindon
Pictures by John Knight.
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