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STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway:
Museum of the Great Western Railway...

Address: Firefly Avenue, Swindon, SN2 2EY
Phone: 01793 466 646
Website: http://www.steam-museum.o...
STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway
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Track and Field at STEAM

We take a look at the sporting achievements of the Great Western Railway at the STEAM Museum
STEAM Museum
Opens Wednesday 11 July 2012
In the celebratory year of 2012, this exhibition looks at the sporting achievements of the Great Western Railway.

From fencing to rugby, and from fishing to athletics, the employees of the GWR took part in many successful sporting activities.

We spoke to Collections Officer Elaine Arthurs to find out a little more about the exhibition...

The exhibiton showcases sporting artifacts and memorabilia from the many clubs and individual sportsmen and women.

For more information, please contact STEAM Museum via the link below.
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WED 11/07/2012
THU 12/07/2012
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MON 16/07/2012
TUE 17/07/2012
WED 18/07/2012
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SAT 21/07/2012
SUN 22/07/2012
MON 23/07/2012
TUE 24/07/2012
WED 25/07/2012
THU 26/07/2012
FRI 27/07/2012
SAT 28/07/2012
SUN 29/07/2012
MON 30/07/2012
TUE 31/07/2012
WED 01/08/2012
THU 02/08/2012
FRI 03/08/2012
SAT 04/08/2012
SUN 05/08/2012
MON 06/08/2012
TUE 07/08/2012
WED 08/08/2012
THU 09/08/2012
FRI 10/08/2012
SAT 11/08/2012
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MON 13/08/2012
TUE 14/08/2012
WED 15/08/2012
THU 16/08/2012
FRI 17/08/2012
SAT 18/08/2012
SUN 19/08/2012
MON 20/08/2012
TUE 21/08/2012
WED 22/08/2012
THU 23/08/2012
FRI 24/08/2012
SAT 25/08/2012
SUN 26/08/2012
MON 27/08/2012
TUE 28/08/2012
WED 29/08/2012
THU 30/08/2012
FRI 31/08/2012
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STEAM Museum - website
  STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway  
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