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Phantasmagoria Film Festival

Success for first annual festival for horror and martial arts
Phantasmagoria Film Festival Swindon
Avenging hit men, traumatised teens, post apocalyptic mayhem and stunning martial arts were just some of the elements that made up the first Phantasmagoria film festival, this weekend.
A three-day event that included 12 films, shorts, stalls, workshops and talks with directors; one being US producer/director Albert Pyun, known for his work on films such as the 'Sword and the Sorcerer', 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' and many more spanning over 25 years.
"It's been a great first weekend, and thanks to everyone who have supported it," said co-organiser Steve Causer.
“I'd like to think the festival has had something for all film fans, especially those with a passion for horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies.”
"We'll definitely now be trying to make this a yearly event."
Phantasmagoria - 13/07/2008
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