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Oasis Leisure Centre:
Swindon's world famous leisure centre...

Address: North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1EP
Phone: 01793 445401
Website: http://www.oasisleisure.c...
Oasis Leisure Centre
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Swindon Cycle Speedway

Club take on 24-hour fundraising ride to improve Oasis track

They'll be no brakes, no gears and no fear for 24 hours at the Swindon Cycle Speedway track at the Oasis this weekend.
The Club are holding a round-the-clock fundraiser to help pay for urgent improvements to their track surface so it's safe for racing and competitions.
Swindon Cycle Speedway
Oasis Track
Swindon Cycle Speedway
Swindon Cycle Speedway at the Oasis
Swindon Cycle Speedway
Swindon Cycle Speedway
Once a massive sport in Swindon, cycle speedway's popularity has waned over the years but club members are determined to bring their Oasis oval up-to-scratch so more juniors and senior members can join in.
The sponsored ride starts at midday on Saturday 07 January.
For further information please contact:
swindoncyclespeedway@yahoo.co.uk or follow the club on Facebook.
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