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Address: Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon
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Arts Centre
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Janie Price at the Arts Centre

With her book and cello, on 'A Real Journey'
Arts Centre
Tuesday 15 May 2012
Janie Price Arts Centre Swindon
What is the real value of the arts? Can a living be earned, or even a crust, creating poems, paintings, music, and songs?
What’s the difference between music on the street and culture in a concert hall, paintings on the pavement or art in a gallery? Why do we happily pay the plumber but expect the musician to play for free?
For the television programme Art of Survival, cellist, composer, recording artist, and author of A Real Journey, Janie Price was challenged to make her way from Athens to Edinburgh without money, using her musical skills alone to earn enough to travel, eat, and survive.
In an age of recessions and cuts, yet where the rich spend millions investing in art but the general public is loath to fork out for any of it, Janie’s journey raised many questions and answered one or two.
Doors: 12.30pm
Tickets: £6, Concessions £5
For more information, please contact the Arts Centre via the link below.
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