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Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town:
Popular pub and live music venue...

Address: 88 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BD
Phone: 01793 535713
Website: http://www.thevicswindon....
Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town
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My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad Festival

From folk to indie, pop to blues, there's everything a music-lover needs here 
The Vic
Old Town
Thursday 31 May - Tuesday 05 June 2012
MDBTYD Festival at The Vic

Featuring local bands and performers from all over the South-West, this festival is a celebration of all types of live music - and it's in Swindon!

Thursday 31 May

Day 1 of MDBTYD Festival will be an intimate all seated event limited to only 60 people with a very special finale.


Simply put, Buswell is a band formed of lots of musicians, playing music written by Shaun Buswell, even though he can't actually read or write music. The result is a nearly 30 piece collective of musicians all reproducing the same songs in different forms, but all in the same spirit. 

Jess Hall Band

Jess Hall Band look set for big things this year. The teenagers have already won over their local BBC Radio Wiltshire, and their song Play Shy found its way onto Radio 1s BBC Introducing playlist at the end of last year.

Rumour Shed

Rumour Shed are a folk band from Swindon, influenced by a hotchpotch of music, such as the esteemed Lindesfarne to the modern day Iron & Wine, via electronic music such as Stereolab. 

Alice Offley

Alice Offley musician, pianist and singer songwriter. She plays classical, pop, folk, blues songs with piano, keyboards and vocals to create her quirky and beautiful sound.

First act on stage at 8:30pm

Friday 01 June

Young Blood

From the ashes of Napoleon in Rags comes the new wave of indie, superb songwriting with an edgy live performance.

Crash & The Bandicoots

Despite having only been in existence for less than a year, Crash & The Bandicoots are quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts to come out of the South West for a very long time.

The Costellos

5 not-so-fresh-faced lads riding a rusty old wagon through music. An ever changing mix of genres, instruments & wonderment.


Putting strings in rock music may not be exactly original but it is still rare enough idea to warrant comment.

In SkyBurnsReds case, its a violin that adds fantastic extra layers to the music, from staccato rhythms and choppy sub riffs to elegantly drawn washes of sonic atmosphere.

The Jon Trowbridge Band

The Jon Trowbridge Band formed in March 2008. They bring together Rock, Soul, and Pop in an attempt to bring a little more to piano based music.

First act on stage at 8:30pm

Saturday 02 June

Kova Me Badd

One fateful day, some blokes came together (not literally), to form a covers band. The aim was simply to cover the most surreal tunes possible, harking back to the heady days of NOW albums.

They also drop some soulful timeless classics in the mix, just to show that they have at least some appreciation for music.

Chip Daddy

Chip Daddy makes silly rap songs about absolutely nothing - there's not much more to say about that!


A musical car crash of folk, scrumpy & western, pop, rap and acoustica.

First act on stage at 8:30pm

Sunday 03 June

False Gods

Energetic Rock/Alternative Trio mixing hard hitting beats, grooving bass-lines and punchy and satisfying guitar riffs. With an wide array of influences ranging from the likes of Biffy Clyro and White lies to Nirvana and Placebo.

Super Squarecloud

Sitting somewhere between pop and chaos, Super Squarecloud mix the brash with the delicate, to bizarre, and often beautiful, effect.

The Racket

Brash and in-your-face indie-terrorists from Swindon, playing songs that are the perfect antidote to the overproduced, auto tuned music of the mainstream.

Atari Pilot

Atari Pilot is a cocktail of elements from across the spectrum, held together with that singular voice. The first song to be released was Game Change, which was number 1 on www.tunecrank.com for 9 weeks!

First act on stage at 8:30pm

Monday 04 June


Slagerij are a solid, high energy 3 piece stompin ska-punk act from Swindon, UK with an infectious original sound that get the crowd involved throughout their captivating live show.

Broken Daylight

Broken Daylight bring together a unique blend of searing guitar riffs, powerful bass lines, pounding drums and melody drenched vocals that give them a sound of their very own.

Straddling various genres in rock they are a band who do things in their own way and on their own terms.

So Am I

A hard hitting, vocally haunting, big, booming, female fronted rock band from the south west, so am i are influenced by many but sound like themselves.

Taking the best from a perfect circle, Oceansize, ASIWYFA, Queens of the Stone Age, deftones and more, they have something for everyone to latch on to. 

The Me Me Me's

Their name is a punctuation minefield, but their music is a lot more straightforward. This is not to say that it's unsophisticated: it's a witty and well informed take on post-punk musical stylings.

Elements of latter day garage, noise-rock and indie are stirred up together in a big stew of chunky, meaty, beaty fun, topped with a confident and charismatic vocal delivery.


Fuzzed out, psychedelic blues.

First act on stage at 8:30pm

Tuesday 05 June

Swindon College School Of Art & Design Film Club Present: White Stripes Documentary

In 2007 the legendary American duo White Stripes toured Canada. Besides playing the usual venues they challenged themselves and played in buses, cafes and for Indian tribal elders. 

Music video director Emmett Malloy followed the band and managed to capture both the special tour, extraordinary concert versions of the band's minimalist, raw, blues-inspired rock songs and the special relationship between the extroverted Jack White and the introspective Meg White - a formerly married couple who for a long time claimed to be siblings.

The film makes striking use of the band's concert colors: red, white and black.

Film starts at 8pm, all seated

For more information, please contact The Vic via the link below.
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