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Arts Centre:
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Address: Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon
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Arts Centre
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George Monbiot at the Arts Centre

On re-wilding human existence
Arts Centre
Old Town, Swindon
Thursday 09 May 2013

How quiet, tame, and predictable is your life? How close do you live to nature? Are well-intended nature conservation policies doing the right things? What really benefits our ecosystems? Would you like to see large wild animals spread back across Europe? Should we continue taming nature or be wilding it up a bit?

UN Global 500 award-winner, columnist, zoologist, environmentalist, and author of numerous books including Bring on the Apocalypse and Amazon Watershed, George Monbiot, in his new book Feral rewilding the land, the sea, and human life, tackles one of the most bewitching topics he has ever explored. 

It leads him to argue for a mass restoration of the natural world; more nature, not less, close to home.

Ticket Prices: 8, Concession 7, Double Ticket for Grayling & Monbiot 13

Doors: 8pm
For more information, please contact the Arts Centre via the link below.
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