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Arts Centre:
Theatre, cafe and library in Old Town...

Address: Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon
Phone: 01793 614837
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Arts Centre
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Benedict Allen at the Arts Centre

An illustrated talk on adventure, exploration, and animals on travels!
Arts Centre
Old Town, Swindon
Monday 13 May 2013

Dogs are reckoned to be manís best friend, so, could you eat yours? Camels are reckoned to be quirky, so, could you befriend one? With what animal would you travel? Have you ever had to rely on an animal to get you through a tricky situation?

Author of ten books and six BBC television series, adventurer, explorer, filmmaker sans film crew, and Ďcat who has used up six of his nine livesí, Benedict Allen has had numerous close but key encounters with animals of many kinds on his often-arduous but hair-raising expeditions to the remotest parts of the world.

Few people alive have been so long isolated in so many different and potentially hostile environments, and, rather than back up crew or high-tech equipment, had to rely on themselves, and other animals, with often moving and hilarious results. 

Ticket Prices: £8, Concession £7, Double Ticket for Hawks & Allen £13

Doors: 8pm

For more information, please contact the Arts Centre via the link below.
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