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STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway:
Museum of the Great Western Railway...

Address: Firefly Avenue, Swindon, SN2 2EY
Phone: 01793 466 646
Website: http://www.steam-museum.o...
STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway
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Great Western Brick Show

REVIEW: Our mum about town & family get up close to gigantic models, displays & more at STEAM
STEAM Museum, Swindon
Saturday 07 & Sunday 08 October 2017
Tickets: 12.00 Adults, 10.00 Children (3-15 yrs)
Thousands of people descended on STEAM in Swindon last weekend to see one of the largest displays in the UK of LEGO fan models.  
And our Swindon 'mum about town', Kelly, popped down to have a look!

People of all ages were in awe of the different constructions and displays available to see at the Great Western Brick Show, which returned to the town after being a great success here in the past.
All of the models were crafted by Brickish Association members and it was fantastic to talk to the many people behind the masterpieces, who were proudly stood behind their own display tables.

Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017

After you entered the usual STEAM entrance, which educated us on the history of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, the first LEGO that people saw was the massively impressive Palace of Westminster display - which was made up of 50,000 pieces.
Jamie Douglas was the man behind it and he said: "As soon as I saw the Big Ben model revealed last year, I knew the full Palace of Westminster had to be done. I figured that it might as well be me that did it!"

A real crowd pleaser for my six year old daughter and her friend was the big pit which was full of LEGO that children were encouraged to go into and make their own designs; the amount of adults also helping their little ones to make pieces just proved to me that this was a fun day for everyone.
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017

There was a display for all tastes here, including Star Wars themed ones and magnificent life-like buildings such as the National Museum of Scotland replica. A real highlight for many though was the Robot Wars that took place at certain times in the day on the Station Platform - you could hear the shouts of excitement from the other rooms as people really got into the battles happening in front of them.

I was really impressed with how many hours you could lose at this event; it felt like you were getting extremely good value for your ticket money. There was food on offer which meant you could take a breather and refuel before you carried on and it allowed people to really make a day of it.
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017
Great Western Brick Show Swindon 2017

The last part of the exhibition took you through the marketplace, where you could pick up some good deals when it came to these famous building blocks. I have to say that I can genuinely see why people get so obsessed with LEGO - hours of fun and it's something you can do as a family.
I know what I'm asking for at Christmas!.....

Images: Vikesh Jobanputra
The Great Western Brick Show 2015
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  STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway  
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