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Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town:
Popular pub and live music venue...

Address: 88 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BD
Phone: 01793 535713
Website: http://www.thevicswindon....
Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town
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Songs Of Praise Club Night + The Blowbacks + Howard Phillips + Sam Bates

The Blowbacks sound like an inspired musical collision between Steven Malkmus, Martin Carr and “Smile” era Brian Wilson. After setting high songwriting standards with first Latitude Blue and then Seven Years On, Gareth has done it again and his prolific yet consistent musical output shows no signs of diminishing. The Blowbacks debut EP is due shortly and based on the strength of Ghettoblaster Baby, Baby I’m In Love and Scrape Me Off The Ceiling it’s going to be a cracker. I also can’t wait to hear the finished studio versions of “Stop Me Thinking” and “I’ve Found Gold” which rank as two of the best things he’s ever written. Everything sounds like a single - The Blowbacks marry pure pop genius to an almost Phil Spectoreseque wall of sound and the world is a better place for 3 minutes 25 seconds. The Blowbacks are now a fully fledged band with fellow Ex Seven Years On member Andy Cox returning on Drums and former Julia Set members Jase Bush (Bass) and Chris Heeks (Guitar/Sax/Vocals). They play pop music, more or less - sometimes it's pretty and sometimes it's not, but it's always beautiful.
Doors: 20.30
Admission: Free
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  Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town  
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