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Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town:
Popular pub and live music venue...

Address: 88 Victoria Road, Swindon, SN1 3BD
Phone: 01793 535713
Website: http://www.thevicswindon....
Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town
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Stornaway + Good Things Happen In Bad Towns + Sam Bates

The band consists of an ornithologist, a rusty russian translator, a South African pirate captain, a human radio and a kitchen sink. They were first united in a snow-encrusted garage in Oxford and have since attracted the attention of Dr & Mrs Killjoy the neighbours and their android children. None of the band have ever been to Stornoway. But Brian once got to within 37 miles of it.

this page is born out of a desire to make simple music, songs to be sung, melodies that are familiar and warm and lyrics that tell a story, take you to another place but deal with basic human emotions. we lock ourselves away, sing our little songs of love and loss, drink tea and smoke roll ups. sometimes you can hear birds singing and the odd car in the distance, a conversation passing in the street, but we are in our own little world, oblivious. a perfect little escape and everyone needs that.

Acoustic guitars, fitted with robotic ears that take pressure and turn it into electricity, pour their hearts into a throbbing electric brain that sits on the desk and repeats the wrong notes endlessly. This brain can hear my voice too, and sometimes mocks me by repeating it in a way that sounds different when not heard through my own reverberant jaw. Thus, layers of sound are created; teetering stacks of bad notes and dark thoughts, waiting for someone to breathe in the wrong place and mess the whole show up. Also: Pianos. Big grinning ivory mouths that devour fingers and metabolise them into songs. A great big harp imprisoned in a wooden cell, doomed to be hit with tiny hammers for ever more. That's the Piano. He's like a mirror of me.
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  Vic, The (The Vic) Old Town  
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