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Bradon Forest School & Theatre:
Secondary school in Purton with an emphasis on performing arts where Billie Piper was a former pupil...

Address: The Peak, Purton, Swindon, SN5 4AT
Phone: 01793 770570
Website: http://www.bradonforest.w...
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The Department of Smelling Pistakes

Following the success of "20,000 Leagues Under the Office", Bristol-based Publick Transport returns with "The Dept. of Smelling Pistakes", a new physical comedy two-hander.
Braden Forest Theatre
Mining its trademark vein of absurdist humour and taking inspiration from Gogol and Bulgakov, Publick Transport presents this new comedy set in a Russian governmental office where two civil servants jostle for power, one a puffed up bureaucrat in search of a job description, the other an unidentified inspector, the purpose of whose visit remains frighteningly vague.

Reluctant to commit to specific thought for fear of showing ignorance of the party line - which changes hourly - they make idle conversation out of which is extrapolated the deepest meaning, while their attempts at political correctness only result in grammatical incorrectness.
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