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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery:
Home to one of the best British 20th century art collections outside London - OPEN Wednesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm...

Address: Bath Road, Old Town, Swindon
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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery
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Swindon Festival of Literature 2010 - Robin Dunbar

ROBIN DUNBAR – on how many friends one person needs.

Presented in association with the Swindon Philosophical Society.

What does it mean to have more than 150 friends?
What’s the difference between discussion and gossip?
What does facial symmetry have to do with electing leaders?
What is the science behind lonely hearts columns?
Why is monogamy a drain on the brain?

Evolutionary history colours our everyday lives, from how we kiss to how religious we are.

And evolutionary anthropology is the speciality of Professor Robin Dunbar, Oxford Fellow, Co-Director of the Lucy to Language project, and author of books that explore, inform, and provoke.

These include, Grooming, Gossip, and the Evolution of Language; and, most recently, How Many Friends Does One Person Need?

Tickets - £5 (£4)

For any further details, please contact the Museum & Art Gallery direct.

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