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Swindon Festival of Literature:
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Swindon Festival of Literature 2010 - Frank Westerman

FRANK WESTERMAN – an illustrated talk, on ARARAT: in Search of the Mythical Mountain.

In the Book of Genesis and according to Judeo-Christian tradition, the final resting place of Noah’s Ark was Mount Ararat.

It is now a place of pilgrimage and exploration, a geographical, political, and cultural crossroads, in Turkey.

Award-winning Dutch author of five books, his latest titled Ararat, Frank Westerman, recounts a perilous journey along the fault-line between religion and science.

This is a mountain climb with the waters of history lapping at the climber’s heels, an experience not uncommon for explorers from the Netherlands.

This event is part of Go Dutch: writers from the Netherlands coming to England, in person and in translation.

Tickets - £6 (£5)

DOUBLE TICKET £10 for two events:
Frank Westerman 6.30pm and Fran Sandham 8pm

Please contact the Arts Centre for any further information on this event.
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