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Swindon Festival of Literature:
Swindon's annual celebration of things well written and things well said...

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Swindon Festival of Literature 2010 - A C Grayling and Swindon Think Slam!

A C GRAYLING on Thinking of Answers; and judging in the first SWINDON THINK SLAM!

Presented in association with the Swindon Philosophical Society.

Does being happy make us good, and vice versa?
Is it a good idea to think about tricky things?
What is good?
Are words always meaningful?
What does that mean?
Are you happy?
Does it matter?
What? Any more questions? Yes, please.

Thinker, writer, broadcaster, and author of best-selling books with titles like these, The Meaning of Things and What is Good?, Professor A C Grayling likes thinking and trying to answer questions, provided they are meaningful.

In the first half of this event, he will explain a few things, and answer a few questions.

In the second half, he will be a key adjudicator and sit back with the rest of us to enjoy the first Festival THINK SLAM!

This is what happens. Thinker-speakers (anyone can enter but hurry, places are limited!) have 3 minutes to present a thought-provoking idea, theory, or story. From then on, its a knockout!

Keen but kindly judges, chosen from the keen and kindly audience and including A C Grayling as judge-supremo, will decide who inspires, good and great thoughts, and who does not.

Just as in all good sporting competitions, there will be a quarter final, semi final, and final! In one sense, everyone will be a winner but, in another, only one person will be the first Swindon Think Slam champion, and will carry off the bubbly-filled trophy.

Though there may well be moments of Think Slam nervousness, puzzlement, and seriousness, a spirit of wit, wonder, and good humour will prevail!

To make sure that is the case, cool compere, thinker and writer in her own right, Claire Williamson, will maintain good slam order, with a firm hand and thoughtful smile.

If you wish to enter the first Swindon THINK SLAM! as competitor, please contact the Festival on 01793 771080 or email litfest@lowershawfarm.co.uk

Tickets - 7 (6)

Please contact the Arts Centre for any further details on this event.

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