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Poetry Society - Swindon:
The Blue Gate poets, who regulary hold meetings at the Richard Jefferies Museum...

Phone: 01793 887014 or 731263
Website: http://www.swindon.gov.uk...
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Calling all poets

Your chance to wax lyrical in Swindon this month
Two events will be giving the chance for poets in Swindon to listen and read out their work.
National Poetry Day
Friday 08 October 
Richard Jefferies Museum
Acclaimed Salisbury poet David King will be reading his work at the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate Water in celebration of National Poetry Day.
Event start at 7.30pm
Pulsar Poets
Tuesday 26 October
Goddard Arms, Clyffe Pypard
Poetry evening where all poets are welcome to read and talk about their work.
The Old House at Coate
The Old House at Coate Help Disney Volunteers prepare the gardens of the Richard Jefferies Museum - TODAY...
More07 September 2010
Richard Jefferies Museum
Richard Jefferies Museum We investigate the 'hidden' birthplace of the Swindon author and find out what the future holds for Jefferies' birthplace and former home - SWTV...
MoreTV01 June 2010
Richard Jefferies
Richard Jefferies Born in Swindon: a writing enigma who is difficult to categorise or evaluate...
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